Which terminal is Southwest at Logan Airport?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport.

What airlines are in Terminal B at Logan?

Here is a list of terminals at Logan Airport along with the airlines that arrive and depart from each.

  • Terminal A. -Delta* -Southwest.
  • Terminal B. -Air Canada. -American Airlines* -American Airlines Shuttle. -PenAir. …
  • Terminal C. -Alaska Airlines. -Cape Air. -Emirates. …
  • Terminal E. All International Travel. -Air Lingus. -Aeromexico.

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Is Southwest north or south terminal?

Most Southwest Airlines flights arrive at Terminal S – Domestic (South), although Terminal N – Domestic (North) is also used.

Does Southwest fly out of Boston?

Southwest Airlines will be cutting non-stop services from Boston Logan International Airport to three different U.S. cities. Starting Jan. 6, the airline company will no longer be offering non-stop flights between Boston and Atlanta, Kansas City and Milwaukee, a representative from Southwest Airlines said.

Can you walk between terminals at Logan Airport?

Passengers making connections between domestic and international flights can walk post-security between Terminals C and E.

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Can you walk from Terminal A to Terminal B at Logan Airport?

It’s a 10-minute walk at the most from the AA side of Terminal B to Terminal A. (You can do the same thing from the departure level. No need to go down to baggage claim if you don’t have checked bags.)

Can I walk from Terminal B to C at Logan?

Walkways connect terminals B, C and E, and there are regular shuttle buses that go to every terminal, as well as the airport MBTA station, the Logan boat dock and economy parking. Logan shuttle buses run 24 hours a day, stop at each terminal every 15 to 20 minutes and are wheelchair-lift equipped.

Is Delta north or south terminal?

Atlanta Airport’s North Terminal caters for the ticketing and check-in of most international and domestic carriers except Delta Air Lines. Atlanta Airport’s South Terminal contains ticketing and check-in facilities for AeroMexico, Air France, ASA, Comair, Delta Air Lines, Hooters Air, and South African Airways.

What airlines are at Austin South Terminal?

Welcome to the South Terminal

ALL Frontier and Allegiant Air flights now ARRIVE and DEPART from the South Terminal at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport! Onsite parking is available and only $10 per day in our Economy lot!

Where is southwest check in at Atlanta airport?

Southwest Airlines does not have a desk in the Atlanta International Terminal. You can check in at our ticket counter in the main part of the airport.

How much is a plane ticket to Boston?

Cheap flights to Boston, MA

Popular in December
Cheapest in August
Average price $192
Round-trip from $81
One-way from $13
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How do you get between terminals at Logan Airport?

By the Massport shuttle bus services is possible to connect between terminals, the rental car center, the airport station on the MBTA Blue Line and the water transportation dock. Buses have a 5-6 minutes’ frequency, run 24/7 and stop at the curbside located on the lower level of each terminal.

How long does it take to get through security at Logan?

According to a recent Upgraded Points article, the average Boston Logan security wait time is 10.6 minutes. The best Boston Logan airport security wait times occur on Thursdays’ from 10-11pm. The worst Boston Logan security lines are on Fridays’ at 5-6pm, where you could wait up to 45 minutes.

What terminal is JetBlue departures at Logan?

Departures Terminal:

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal C at Boston Logan Airport.