Where can I park at Edinburgh airport?

Car Park Rating Keep Keys
Terminal Surface 8.8/10 reviews Yes
Plane Parking Meet and Greet 8.6/10 reviews Yes
Park and Fly Meet and Greet 9/10 reviews No
Long Stay 8.8/10 reviews Yes

Is there free parking at Edinburgh Airport?

If your passengers don’t mind getting our quick and regular shuttle bus you can use our free drop-off and pick-up area in the Mid Stay car park.

FREE drop-off and pick-up area.

Where is the free pick-up & drop-off zone? Mid Stay car park
0-30 mins FREE
30 mins – 1 hour £12.00

How much does it cost to park at Edinburgh airport?


Duration Tariff
10 – 15 minutes £5.00
15 – 30 minutes £9.00
30 minutes – 1 hour £12.00
1 – 3 hours £16.00

Where is there free parking in Edinburgh?

From supermarkets to local parks, here is Edinburgh Live ‘s run down of the cheeky parking locations that only locals know about.

  • St Margaret’s Loch. …
  • Tesco Canonmills. …
  • Meadowbank Shopping Centre. …
  • Waitrose Comely Bank. …
  • Pilrig Street and surrounds.
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How do I park at Edinburgh airport?

Why choose Official Edinburgh Airport Parking?

  1. Official parking. Your car is safe & secure 24 hours a day.
  2. Arrive early. Access the car park up to 2 hours early.
  3. Flexible booking. Most of our car parks have flexible booking options.
  4. Closest car parks. Our car parks are closest to the airport.

What is the best way to pick someone up at the airport?

If you plan to meet them inside the airport, park in short-term parking and wait outside of their terminal. Alternatively, meet them curbside if you don’t want to go inside the airport. If you aren’t able to pick your traveler up, you can schedule a ride to be ready for your arriving party when they land.

How do I pick someone up from Edinburgh Airport?


Use our dedicated pick-up zone, conveniently located on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park outside the Terminal building. So we can all flysafe we’re asking you to stay in your car whilst you’re collecting passengers.

Can I drive to Edinburgh Airport?

While international travel from the airports is not allowed, people can physically travel from Edinburgh city to the airport to watch planes take off for example, since the airport is in the Edinburgh City Council area. However, Edinburgh residents can’t go to the airport to get on a flight.

What is Fast Park at Edinburgh airport?

FastPark is Edinburgh Airport’s new state-of-the-art car park, designed to be slick, quick and convenient. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to simply drop their car in front of the terminal and get on with their trip!

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How much does it cost to park in Edinburgh?

Cost and times of pay and display parking

Streets Prices from April 2020 Hours of Operation
Bruntsfield, Sciennes, St Leonard’s, Dumbiedykes, Stockbridge & Dean £2.80 per hour Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Extended Controlled Parking Zone (N1-N5 & S1-S4) £2.40 per hour Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

What time is parking free in Edinburgh?

Parking in Central Zones (generally the City Centre and West End) is free between 18.30 – 6.30 Monday to Saturday. Parking in Peripheral and Extended Zones (such as Bruntsfield, Marchmont, and the New Town) is free between 17:30 – 8:30 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays.

Do you need to pay for parking in Edinburgh?

All residents in the central, peripheral and extended zones who have a valid residents’ parking permit have been granted dispensation to park in pay and display parking places located within their own zone.