What did the pilot notice when he was safe at the airport?

Explanation: The pilot safely reached the airport due to the other airplane. But what he noticed was that there was no airplane in the sky. This was really surprising.

When did the pilot feel that he was safe?

31. How and when did the narrator feel that he was safe now? Ans. When the pilot of another plane came to the narrator’s help, he was extremely happy.

What did the pilot of the Dakota notice after landing safely at the airport?

Instruments Dead: The narrator took the risk. He flew that old Dakota straight into the storm. Inside the clouds, everything was suddenly black. He couldn’t see anything outside.

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What was the pilot not sorry about?

After landing, the narrator was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota because he had a horrific and scary experience flying that plane. He was happy that he had landed the plane safely. That is why he was not sorry to walk away. Instead, he wanted to know where he was and who the other pilot was.

What did the pilot decide when he was struck in the huge clouds?

Answer. Answer: The writer saw a black aeroplane which had no lights on its wings. The writer could see the face of the pilot in the black clouds who was waving and signalling him to follow to get out of the storm.

Which country was the pilot flying over?


What did the woman at the control room tell the pilot?

Solution. The narrator had asked the woman in the control centre about the identity of the other pilot. She looked at him strangely as there was no other plane in the storm. She told him that no other plane was flying that night.

What problem did the pilot of Dakota face in the clouds?

The pilot of Dakota can’t see anything in the clouds due to a storm. The radio and the compass was also not working and the fuel was about to finish.

Why does the pilot say it was an easy flight?

It was the narrator’s own self that helped him through the storm. There was no other plane in the storm as the woman at the control centre could see only his plane on the radar. … He was a good pilot, and it might have been his own self that came to his help.As he flew into the storm, everything went black.

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What was coming up in the East behind the pilot?

Answer. answer :The moon was coming up in the east.

Why does the narrator say I was in a room I know and did not know?

This was because the narrator was in a state of confusion. You see, she was in a room filled with things from her house. However the room did not belong to her. Hence, she was in a room she knew ( because it contained her stuff) but she did not know (because it was not her house).

What urged him to take his first?

Answer: The seagull’s mother urged him to make his first flight.

What risk did the pilot take?

The Pilot in the chapter black airplane was going from France(paris) to England. On his way,he was encountered black stormy clouds. He took the risk to fly inside the clouds into the storm. He took the risk because he was eager to meet his family.

Who helped the pilot in the Black Aeroplane?

Answer. Answer: The pilot waved his hand to the narrator and asked him to follow him. … With the help of another pilot, he landed safely and when he went to receptionist to thank the pilot he was informed by the lady that there was no any other plane flying in the sky that night.

Why was the pilot happy Give two reasons?

He was very happy to be back with his family, his home, to be able to enjoy the warm and delicious breakfast when he reached. Having been carried away in his thoughts he had lost track of his path in the sky. He was engulfed by black clouds and could no longer find his way.

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Why did the pilot think of returning to Paris Why did he decide against it?

The pilot thought of going back to Paris because he saw storm clouds as he was flying. They were huge and looked like black mountains across the sky. The pilot knew that he could not fly over them and there was not sufficient fuel to fly around them to the north or the south.