What are airport concession fees?

At certain airport locations where National is an on-airport concessionaire, National has elected to impose a charge, often referred to as a Concession Recoupment Fee or Concession Recovery Fee, to recover all or a portion of the concession feeswhich it is obligated to pay to the airport.

What is an airport concession?

An Airport Concession is defined as:

A business located on an Airport that is engaged in the sale of consumer goods or services to the public under an agreement with an Airport, another concessionaire, or the owner or lessee of a terminal.

What is a concession fee?

Concession Fee means the fee established by a third party concessions contract, which the Concessionaire must pay to Casitas for operation of the concession. The fee is assessed as a percentage of the gross receipts.

How do airport concessions work?

The food & beverage and retail concessions in airports are there to provide a service to consumers, and the rent revenue those retailers pay goes to offset the cost of operating Page 3 the airport, which reduces the landing fees airlines pay.

What is Hertz concession fee recovery?

Concession Recovery Fee (CFR) – This fee is to reimburse Hertz for concession fees paid for each rental at this location. Customer Facility Charge – The Airport requires that all car rental companies collect this fee. The money collected is used to pay for new car rental facilities.

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Why is food expensive at airports?

Airports are high-security zones which means that most passengers cannot get their own food. This also means that demands are high for food and beverages. Now, airports also have limited resources, owing to a combination of reasons. This means that the supply is less and cannot meet the demand.

Which airport makes the most money?

The Most Profitable Airports in the World According to total operating revenue in 2015, the most profitable airport in the United States was John F. Kennedy International in New York, followed by Newark International in New Jersey.

What is an example of a concession?

Examples of Concession: A teenager arguing to her parents that she needs a cell phone makes the following concession: … A politician arguing that his country needs to send troops into a warzone makes the following concession: I know that any time we send troops into harm’s way, it is a risk that some will not come back.

What is a concession discount?

Concessions are usually some form of rebate that a property owner offers to try to persuade a tenant to move into the residence. They can be monetary compensation, some type of a discount, or a physical good or service.

How does a concession work?

It works like this: The buyer (or the buyer’s agent) negotiates the concession amount with the seller or the seller’s agent. Together, they agree on a sale price that includes the amount of the seller concessions. … The concessions are then typically added on to the mortgage and used to pay closing costs.

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What is a rental car concession fee?

Concession recovery fee is essentially the rental car company charging you to recoup the amount the airport charges it to offer services there. … Vehicle license recovery fee, usually $2 to $5, is you paying the rental car company to license its vehicles.

Why is Hertz so expensive?

The biggest reason Hertz is more expensive than Dollar is because it can be. Their offering is tailored more towards price-insensitive business travelers who value time over money. … They aim for the leisure traveler (or cost-conscious small-business owner) and thus compete on price, so their rates tend to be much lower.

What are the hidden fees when renting a car?

  • Taxes and Airport Surcharges. Sales tax and airport charges vary considerably from state to state and from country to country. …
  • Insurance. …
  • Gasoline Charges. …
  • Drop-Off Charges. …
  • The 24-Hour Clock. …
  • Early Return Fees. …
  • Mileage. …
  • Licensing Fees.