Quick Answer: What train takes you to LaGuardia Airport?

There’s no subway that goes directly to LaGuardia. Nor is there a train. You’ll need to take a bus and then transfer to a subway or train. For the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, B, C, and D subways, take the M60 to Manhattan.

How do I get from Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport?

In terms of public transit, you can take the M60 bus from all terminals at LaGuardia airport bus to 125th street in Manhattan, which allows for a free transfer to the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, C, and D subway trains. Alternatively, you could take one of several Q buses to the N, Q, and R or E and F lines in Queens.

Does Amtrak go to LaGuardia Airport?

“You can’t get to LaGuardia by train. … The Newark AirTrain provides a link between the airport and both Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains. Riders can take New Jersey Transit trains into Manhattan as well as to many points in New Jersey.

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How do I get to LaGuardia Airport?

Option 2: Take the subway to Queens and then take the Q70-SBS bus.

  1. Take the E, F, M, R, or 7 train to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue. Follow signs for the Q70 bus. (You can also look for the yellow airplane icon.) …
  2. Take the Q70 toward LaGuardia airport. The Q70 stops at airport terminals B, C, and D.

Is there an AirTrain to LaGuardia?

An antiquated rule that led to the Port Authority choosing an airtrain over a subway extension to LaGuardia Airport is no more. … Before rushing ahead with a $2 billion airtrain that already has a reputation as a boondoggle, the Port Authority must reevaluate how it plans to connect transit riders with LaGuardia.

How much is a taxi from Manhattan to LaGuardia?

Trips to and from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) are charged the standard metered fare. Trips between Manhattan and John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) in either direction: $52.

How do I get from Penn Station to LGA?

LIRR: From Penn Station to LaGuardia Airport you can choose between several LIRR bound trains. Take the Port Washington/Babylon/Ronkonkoma/or the Port Jefferson bound LIRR train and get off at Woodside station. Walk about 1 minute to Roosevelt Ave 61st Street. Then take the bus Q70 for the remaining of the trip.

What bus goes to LaGuardia?

The MTA provides regular Q47, Q48, Q70 SBS, Q72 and M60 SBS service between LaGuardia Airport, Manhattan, Queens and beyond with subway connection.

Why is there no train to LaGuardia?

The Port Authority seriously considered the proposal, commissioning an environmental impact statement for the rail link. However, due to rising costs, the Port Authority canceled the direct rail link between LaGuardia/JFK and Manhattan in May 1995.

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How much is uber from LaGuardia to Manhattan?

LaGuardia to Manhattan:

UberPOOL is $23 to $29,UberX is $30 to $39, UberXL is $44 to $57; Lyft is $26 to $40.

How much is LaGuardia airport shuttle?

The avg cost for of these shuttles is approximately $16 one way to Manhattan. NYC Airporter, the official bus company for the Port Authority, will drop you at one of these main terminals: Grand Central.

Shuttles “Shared Ride Vans”

Shuttle Company Phone Website
All County Express (800) 914-4223 (516) 285-1300 Get a quote

Is LaGuardia or JFK better?

For most people traveling in and out of New York, JFK is the best airport to fly into. … LaGuardia (LGA) is a good second choice if you’re staying in Queens, Midtown, or Williamsburg and willing to take a taxi to/from the airport. Newark (EWR), however, should be your last choice.

How long does it take to get to LaGuardia from midtown?

The taxi ride to and from LaGuardia Airport is taking quite a bit longer. In June 2013, the average travel time for a weekday trip from LaGuardia, in Queens, to Manhattan below 60th Street between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. was 35 minutes, according to a new analysis of taxi data. Last year, that same ride took 50 minutes.

Is there a shuttle from LaGuardia to Times Square?

Shuttle from New York La Guardia Airport to Times Square

Jayride is an online booking service for pick up or drop off at airports, using a pre-pay, fixed-price model.

How do I get from LaGuardia to Manhattan by subway?

If it’s your first trip to NYC, just swipe the MetroCard at the subway turnstile and the transfer will register. The M60 SBS runs 24/7 from the LaGuardia Airport Terminals to Broadway and W. 106 Street in Manhattan. Along the way, there are several stops with NYC subway connections.

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Where is the AirTrain at JFK?

AirTrain stations are adjacent to the corresponding short-term parking lot at each Terminal, which are color-coded and indicated on the above map. Long-term parking lots are located near Lefferts Boulevard Station, which is connected to the terminals with the Howard Beach AirTrain line.