Question: Why does Logan Airport not have a terminal D?

In 2006, the airport was reconfigured and D’s gates were incorporated into both the C and E terminals. They considered changing to a numbering system but scrapped it. … It is bad enough that you can’t walk between different terminals, but within the terminal? Terminal C also has two sub-terminals.

Can you walk between terminals at Boston Logan?

Passengers making connections between domestic and international flights can walk post-security between Terminals C and E.

How many terminals does Logan Airport have?

Terminal Guide for Logan Airport

Boston has four terminals in operation: A, B, C and E. Logan Airport is quite large, but is relatively easy to navigate.

How do you get between terminals at Logan Airport?

By the Massport shuttle bus services is possible to connect between terminals, the rental car center, the airport station on the MBTA Blue Line and the water transportation dock. Buses have a 5-6 minutes’ frequency, run 24/7 and stop at the curbside located on the lower level of each terminal.

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What airlines are in Terminal A at Logan Airport?

Here is a list of terminals at Logan Airport along with the airlines that arrive and depart from each.

  • Terminal A. -Delta* -Southwest.
  • Terminal B. -Air Canada. -American Airlines* -American Airlines Shuttle. -PenAir. …
  • Terminal C. -Alaska Airlines. -Cape Air. -Emirates. …
  • Terminal E. All International Travel. -Air Lingus. -Aeromexico.

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Can you walk from Terminal B to Terminal C at Logan Airport?

3 – Looking at the map on their website you *might* be able to do it by walking outside on the departures level, and take a sidewalk toward central parking. From there you can walk through the massive central parking structure and onto the bridge connecting to Terminal C.

How long does it take to get through customs at Logan Airport?

This is rush hour at Logan International Airport. I have passed immigration, collected bags and gone through customs in anywhere from 25 minutes to 80 minutes. You are advised to check in to your departing flight at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

What terminal at Logan is JetBlue?

At Logan, JetBlue primarily uses Terminal C, while American flies out of Terminal B.

What terminal is JetBlue departures at Logan Airport?

Departures Terminal:

JetBlue Airways uses Terminal C at Boston Logan Airport.

How busy is Logan Airport?

Busiest Times: Weekdays 7:00-9:00 AM, 3:00-5:00 PM. TSA screening times vary, depending day of the week and time of day. Always allow at least 20 minutes for security, but you can do a same-day check of screening line times at:

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Which terminal is American Airlines at Logan?

American Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport.

Which terminal is Southwest at Logan?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport.

What is the international terminal at Logan Airport?

Terminal E:

Terminal E, aka the John A. Volpe International Terminal is the international terminal at Logan Airport. If you are traveling out of the United States, this is the terminal for you. Note, if an airline offers both international and domestic service, they will have gates in two separate terminals.

What gate is united at Logan Airport?

United Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport. Some flights labeled as United Airlines are codeshare flights operated by other Airlines. As a result, the following terminals are used for codeshare flights labeled as United Airlines: Terminal C, Terminal E.

Can you smoke at Boston Logan Airport?

16. Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston – Completely smokefree indoors. Designated smoking areas are located outside of terminals.