Is Kozhikode airport a tabletop?

Kozhikode airport has what is known in the aviation sector as a ‘Tabletop runway’ which is a runway located on top of a plateau or hill and either one or both ends drops into a deep gorge. … Other examples of tabletop airports include Lengpui airport in Mizoram, Mangalore Airport in Karnataka.

Is Calicut Airport a tabletop?

Karipur International Airport (IATA: CCJ, ICAO: VOCL), also known as Calicut Airport, is an international airport located in Karipur, Malappuram district of Kerala, India. … It is one of few airports in the country with a tabletop runway.

What is tabletop runway Kozhikode?

The Kozhikode airport in Kerala has a table-top runway and is operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). Generally, tabletop runways are constructed on a hilly or an elevated terrain and are built in a way that there is a trench or valley at the front and back of the length of the runway.

Which airport in Kerala has a table-top runway?

At least five airports in India have tabletop runways namely Mangalore in Karnataka, Kozhikode in Kerala, Lengpui in Mizoram, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and Pakyong in Sikkim. The safety concerns were first raised by following the Air India Express crash in Mangalore in 2010 in which around 160 people killed on board.

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What is table-top airports in India?

There are a total of five tabletop runways in India – Mangalore in Karnataka, Kozhikode in Kerala and Lengpui in Mizoram, Shimla and Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and Pakyong in Sikkim. Landings at these airports require extra skill because of the lack of space.

Why Kozhikode airport is dangerous?

Because of the short runways, wide-bodied aircraft pilots have apprehensions on landing, and Kozhikode airport also had its problems briefly when most airlines did not fly wide-bodied aircraft into the Kozhikode airport.

Is Calicut Airport dangerous?

“Kozhikode and Mangalore airports are unsafe, unless they are prepared to prevent an overrun,” said the expert. Finally, Captain Ranganathan said, “I will pin the responsibility on the Ministry of Civil Aviation.”

Why table-top runway is dangerous?

Table-top runways are often constructed by excavating the peaks of hills to create what is known as a table-top. Such runways have steep drops at one or both ends, increasing the possibility of injuries and fatalities if pilots under or overshoot their approach, either through human error or mechanical failure.

Which is the most dangerous airport in India?


  • Patna Airport: Runway length shorter than prescribed. …
  • Jammu Airport: Runway length shorter than prescribed. …
  • Shimla Airport: Runway length the biggest issue. …
  • Mangalore Airport: Tabletop runway. …
  • Calicut (Kozhikode) Airport: Tabletop runway. …
  • Kullu Airport: Short runway located in a deep valley.

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How many runways are there in Kozhikode airport?

It is located in Karipur, about 25 km from Malappuram and 28 km from Kozhikode. “The airport is one of only three tabletop runways in the country…

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Why is San Diego airport so dangerous?

San Diego’s airport (also called Lindbergh Field) is considered by some to be one of the country’s most dangerous due to its downtown location. What’s more, mountains to its north and east, Mexican airspace to its south, and tailwinds blowing in from its west sometimes force nose-to-nose takeoffs and landings.

How are table top airports safer?

Called Engineered Materials Arrestor/Arresting System, it is made of engineered lightweight and crushable cellular cement/concrete. Used at the runway ends, it acts as a safety barrier and successfully stops an aircraft overrun.

Is Kannur airport a table top?

Apart from Karipur airport, the newly constructed Kannur airport also has tabletop runway. However, pilots have pointed out that the length of the runway at Kannur airport can nullify all the limitations of tabletop runways.

Which airport has the longest runway in India?

Airport runway length is usually depend upon the aircraft weights but at least 1,829 m length is usually adequate for all aircrafts. Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi has the longest Airport runways in India and the Indian naval air station at Arakkonam has longest military runway in Asia.

What is meant by table top airport?

A tabletop runway is a runway that is located on the top of a plateau or hill with one or both ends adjacent to a steep precipice which drops into a deep gorge.

Is Mangalore airport safe?

“Mangaluru airport is one of the safest airports in the country,” said Vas, adding that the AAI had improved many safety standards at the IXE 10 years after the accident.

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