How much is a taxi from Perth Airport to the city?

Option A) TAXI – Fare to the city is approximately AU$50 one way.

How much is uber from Perth airport to city?

Top questions from riders

How much will an Uber trip to or from Perth Airport cost? Uber can get you from: Perth Airport to the city (CBD), starting at $32. Perth Airport to Fremantle, starting at $43.

How do I get from Perth airport to the city?

The shuttle bus service operates between Perth’s CBD and Terminal 2. Perth city Airport shuttle has pick and drop points in and around Perth that assist people to move comfortably from one point to another. It provides service between T1, T2, T3 and T4. Fare: $ 24 Per Person from Perth city to Perth airport.

How much is a taxi in Perth?

How much is the taxi fare in Perth? The basic fee is $3.90, the kilometer price is $1.64. For standing and waiting time, $45.70 is charged per hour.

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How far is Perth city from airport?

The distance between Perth Airport (PER) and City Beach is 19 km. The road distance is 22.1 km.

How much is the bus from Perth airport to city?


Fares approx AU$75-95 from the city, AU$5-AU$15 more from airport depending on customs/luggage waiting times. Option C) TRANSPERTH (public transport) – Board routes 37 or 40 (T3/4) or 380 (T1/2) to Perth CBD. Buses do not operate 24 hours a day so please check the timetables (above) before you travel.

Is DiDi cheaper than Uber?

While rider fares are cheaper for DiDi passengers than for Uber passengers, DiDi takes a substantially smaller cut of the driver’s earnings than Uber does. This means that the much lower driver commission fee negates the lower fare and drivers take more money home per ride.

Does Perth Airport have a train station?

Airport Central railway station is a future station on the Airport line in Perth, Western Australia.

Is public transport free in Perth?

Perth city has a free transit zone for buses and a SmartRider free transit zone for trains.

Can you sleep at Perth Airport?

Sleeping in Perth Airport Overnight. The Perth Airport is technically open 24-hours, but Terminals 3 and 4 may close overnight. In that case, you may have to relocate to to the public, pre-Security zone of Terminals 1 or 2 for some overnight shuteye.

What is the cheapest taxi service?

8 Uber and Lyft alternatives: Taxi, cab and other ride apps that are cheap — and just as easy to use

  • Arro. Arro is available in five cities, including New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Houston. …
  • Curb. …
  • Fasten. …
  • Get Me. …
  • Gett. …
  • Via. …
  • Wingz. …
  • zTrip.
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How do I book a taxi in Perth?

Online: Click on our booking page for top taxi rates. Call: If you’re a visitor, a local, or even a West Australian business, call 13 2227.

How much does Uber cost in Perth?

How much does Uber X cost in Perth? Minimum fare is $7.00. Cancellation fee is $8.00. Tolls are additional.

Is there a shuttle bus from Perth Airport to Fremantle?

Is there a shuttle bus from Perth Airport to Fremantle? Yes, airport shuttle bus is available from Fremantle to Perth airport. This service is offered door to door at the same price when compared to the fare of public transport. … No, direct buses are available in this area.

What bus goes to Perth Airport?

Bus Route 40 operates 7 days a week between Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and T3/T4 via Great Eastern Highway, offering the most direct route between Perth Airport and Perth City.

How far is Perth Airport to Fremantle?

The distance between Perth Airport (PER) and Fremantle is 24 km. The road distance is 29 km.