Can you pay by card at Edinburgh airport drop off?

Both car Parks: Entry and Exit are barrier controlled, with a max stay of 2 hours^. Vehicles including cars, motorbikes and minibuses are allowed and payment can be made via cash or card.

Do you have to pay to drop off at Edinburgh Airport?

FREE drop-off and pick-up area.

Can you pick up in the drop off zone at Edinburgh airport?

We have a free drop-off and pick-up area which is over at our Long Stay car park. … Free drop-off & pick up is now located in the Mid Stay car park, with a short walking route to Terminal.

How much is it to park at Edinburgh airport?


Duration Tariff
10 – 15 minutes £5.00
15 – 30 minutes £9.00
30 minutes – 1 hour £12.00
1 – 3 hours £16.00
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How much is taxi from Edinburgh airport to city?

How to get from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre

Taxi €26 24/7
Bus €10 24/7
Tram €13.20 06:18–22:48

How much is it to drop off at Edinburgh Airport?

Edinburgh Airport Drop Off

Edinburgh Airport Drop Off
0-5 mins £2.00
5-10 mins £4.00
10-15 mins £10.00
15-60 mins £15.00

What is the best way to pick someone up at the airport?

If you plan to meet them inside the airport, park in short-term parking and wait outside of their terminal. Alternatively, meet them curbside if you don’t want to go inside the airport. If you aren’t able to pick your traveler up, you can schedule a ride to be ready for your arriving party when they land.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Edinburgh?

Re: Uber in Edinburgh? Metered rates apply. Uber is also NOT always cheaper than a taxi or private hire, because of its surge pricing Uber can be more expensive (at New Year there are reports of Uber charging double the already-double-tariff minicab rates).

Can I drive to Edinburgh Airport?

While international travel from the airports is not allowed, people can physically travel from Edinburgh city to the airport to watch planes take off for example, since the airport is in the Edinburgh City Council area. However, Edinburgh residents can’t go to the airport to get on a flight.

What county is Edinburgh airport in?

Edinburgh Airport (IATA: EDI, ICAO: EGPH) is an airport located in the Ingliston area of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh Airport.

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Edinburgh Airport Scots: Edinburgh Airport Scottish Gaelic: Port-adhair Dhùn Èideann
Location Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Elevation AMSL 136 ft / 41 m

Where can I park at Edinburgh airport?

Edinburgh Off-Airport Car Park Reviews

  • Flying Scot Park & Ride 2 mins. transfer. Read 1138 reviews. BOOK NOW.
  • Low Cost Park and Ride 5 mins. transfer. Read 1015 reviews. BOOK NOW.
  • Secure Airparks Self park 2 mins. Transfer. Read 448 reviews. BOOK NOW.
  • Secure Airparks Edinburgh – NON-FLEX 2 mins. Transfer. Read 1137 reviews.

Where is plane parking at Edinburgh Airport?

The address of the Plane Parking car park is Plane Parking, Edinburgh Airport, EH12 9DN. Leave the A8 follow the signs for Edinburgh Airport. When you reach the roundabout with the Hilton Hotel, turn right, following the signs for Plane Parking.

What is the best way to get from Edinburgh airport to city Centre?

Hop on the tram

Trams are one of the easiest ways to get to and from the airport with fast and frequent services to the city centre. Trams depart at least every 15 minutes (06:07 – 22:48) with an end-to-end journey of just 30 minutes.

Does Edinburgh Airport have a train station?

Although Edinburgh Airport has no train station of its own, it does have strong transport links by bus and tram from train stations in Edinburgh. Connections with the rest of Scotland, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London are through Edinburgh City.

How much is a taxi from Waverley Station to Edinburgh Airport?

What is the fastest way to get from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Edinburgh Airport (EDI)? The quickest way to get from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is to taxi which costs £27 – £35 and takes 18 min.

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