Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle

If you are looking for cheap RC cars for off-road use, finding something that works really well can make it difficult to access difficult terrain. Maistos Rock Crawler Extreme is an exception. Although it can not compete with the performance of monster RC hobby trucks, it is certainly at the top of its class for toy-class radio-controlled cars.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle Review

As an all-terrain vehicle, the Rock Crawler Extreme has large tires, full suspension and all-wheel drive. Its tires are soft for maximum grip on sloping surfaces and work incredibly well to crawl over rocks, tree trunks or anything else you can find.


  • Excellent off-road capability.
  • Wide-range radio range.
  • Big suspension.
  • Maneuver easily through various terrain types.


  • It also runs at low speed crawler standards.
  • Maximum 3 – 4 mph.
  • Uses a small steering wheel.
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Soft springs and a solid axle. This means that it is distracting much of your suspension, which makes the vehicle less likely to tip over on difficult terrain. Although this is not a unique design, only a few toy vehicles take out this RC truck.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control VehicleThis machine requires six AA batteries, which are not included and can only reach speeds of approximately 5 mph. Although this seems slow, speed is not what this car is designed for. Maisto deliberately designed the Extreme to make it more suitable for rock tracking. However, the slower speeds mean that this vehicle is manageable and safe for young children who lack the finesse of driving a high-speed vehicle.

The included handle transmitter is also ideal for children. Its smaller size is perfect for young hands. Note that the remote control does not provide proportional control. They are at full throttle or nothing at all, which is not so bad given the low top speed. The batteries are not included with the remote control, so you must provide two AAA batteries.

Maisto offers Rock Crawler Extreme support by phone or email. It also includes a 30-day warranty against defects. As with most RC toy cars, the manufacturer does not offer replacement parts or parts.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle


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Characteristics of the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

1. Three channel transmitter.

  • This feature allows up to three people to play simultaneously with different Maisto RC vehicles.
  • With a group participation, the time of the platform becomes interactive and entertaining.

2.  address operation.

  • It has functions of direction of complete functions that include forward / backwards, as well as towards the right / left.
  • This makes the vehicle flexible and facilitates maneuvers on uneven terrain.
  • With this type of controls, users can enjoy a driving experience on all four wheels.

3. suspensions.

  • It has well-placed and fully functional suspensions.
  • This helps keep the car in line and maintain the proper balance, regardless of the twists and turns.

4. Low transmission with triple motor.

  • Of the three, two are mainly used to drive with the rest of the engine for steering.
  • Very suitable for driving over obstacles while retaining traction.
  • Double engines prevent the truck from getting stuck easily. In this case, you can easily escape without having to use your hands.
  • The low gears ensure that the truck has enough torque to increase the high impacts on the clutches and dirt. – The truck is consistent in its performance.

5. Three channel transmitter.

  • It comes with built-in Tri-Band controls, allowing you to control up to three trucks of similar colors and without experiencing any radio interference.
  • Consists of up to three selectable and different radio frequencies at 27 MHz frequencies.

6. Batteries.

  • Requires the use of 6 AA batteries for optimal operation of the truck and 1-9V batteries whose main function is control.
  • When using these batteries with their different functions, the performance of this truck is quite high and has also contributed to its long playing time.

7. Body.

  • It is lightweight but extremely hard and it makes it very durable.
  • It has a colorful body formed under vacuum that has significantly contributed to its improved performance.
  • Its steering characteristics are fully functional with the ability to steer backwards / forwards and right / left.
  • It has been provided with high profile tires. The body is also small, which creates space for the wheels when the suspensions are bent.
  • If you are looking for cheap RC cars for off-road use, finding something that works really well can make it difficult to access difficult terrain.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle Video Review

Our look

The customer feedback we received was also very positive, and although it lacks some of the most advanced features of the best models, the Rock Crawler is the perfect remote control car for any new RC Cars.

If you are new to RC cars, we recommend that you start with a model like The Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle Extreme before venturing into the most sophisticated RC cars on the market.

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Maisto RC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle
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