What do I need to start the helicopter in Granny?

The Helicopter requires a grand total of 10 items to escape with, being the Security Key, the 3 Painting Pieces, a Weapon (which can either be the Shotgun or Stun Gun), the Glass Fuse, the Duct Tape, the Gasoline Can, the Helicopter Manual and finally the Helicopter Key.

Where do I get the helicopter key in Granny?

The Helicopter Key needs to be held in the Player’s hand when they enter the Cockpit and press the “Engine Start” button, just like the Boat Key during Boat Escape.

What is the helicopter manual for in Granny 2?

The Helicopter Manual was added in version 1.1 and is used to successfully complete the Helicopter Escape route. … Starting the fixed Helicopter (Using the Helicopter Key) after having picked the Manual up and successfully flying it off the Helicopter Balcony, escaping Grandpa’s House.

How do you escape the granny house in Chapter 2?

Use Padlock Key to unlock the padlock on electrified door. Go up the ladder in the security room and enter 4th floor. Push the red button behind the iron grate with stun gun or shot gun. Attach Door Handle on electrified door and escape!

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What is the door lock for in Granny 2?

It is not required to escape but can be used as a way of defense against Granny and Grandpa. Its main purpose is to lock a door for a certain amount of time, preventing anyone from opening it, with the exception of the Player, if they choose to manually retrieve the Door Lock from the door it was placed on beforehand.

Do military helicopters have keys?

For example USMC KC-130F/Rs and CT-39Gs in the 1980s had a key lock on the handle of the crew/cabin access door, and since the mid 1970s all U.S. Army helicopters have a key lock that enables/disables the ignition circuitry.

Where are the painting pieces in Granny 2?

There are three pieces in total and they are usually located in open places like tables, floors, beds etc and are required to be placed in a painting in the Attic to open the first locked door.

How do you kill the spider in Granny?

You do this by grabbing the shotgun or tranquilizer gun and shooting at the red button near the spider crate. If you are successful, the wood plank above the crate slide down, trapping the spider.

How do you kill the baby in Granny 2?

Just like Granny and Grandpa, the player can’t technically kill the child. However, unlike the grandparents, who will reappear after a period of time, shooting the child will knock him out until the player gets knocked out and the baby will wake up on the next day.

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What is the use of hand wheel in Granny Chapter 2?

Hand Wheel is used to unlock the iron grate on the electrified door. You need to unlock this if you want to escape from electrified door.

How do you use a granny lock on a door?

You can lock in the Granny & Grandpa using Door Lock. Simply tap the doorknob and red light will turn on, sealing enemy inside for certain amount of time.

What does extra locks mean on Granny?

Extra Locks is an option that was added in Version 1.3. 2, although it was exclusive to the Extreme difficulty until Version 1.3. 2. This option can be selected to increase the difficulty of Granny, as it adds more items that are required to escape, giving the player an additional challenge.

How do you unlock a granny door?

To Unlock the Door:

  1. Go to the weapon room and get the Tranquilizer gun and darts.
  2. Go to the sewer room and stand in front of the window to the locked room.
  3. Aim the tranquilizer gun at the red door knob.
  4. If you hit the knob, the door unlocks.

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