What affects the speed of a paper helicopter?

By experimenting with the weight, shape, and position of the blades, you change how fast and how much air is pushed out of the way. In other words, you’re changing how the air resistance is hitting your helicopter. This affects how it moves.

What factors affect the flight time of a paper helicopter?

Test factors that influence flight time must also be identified. For the helicopter experiment, the factors could be paper type, rotor length, leg length, leg width and paper clip.

How do you make a paper helicopter go faster?

Try switching the direction of the folds for blades A & B. Make note of the direction the helicopter spins this time. Weight affects how quickly the helicopter spins, try adding additional paper clips and watch how the helicopter spins faster! Make the helicopters in different sizes.

What forces act on a paper helicopter?

The spinning is caused by the force of air acting on each of the helicopter’s blades. The air presses on each of the blades with an equal force but in the opposite direction and the helicopter spins around.

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How does wing length affect the descent time of a paper helicopter?

The mean average times of descent were calculated for each wing length. There is a clear trend where the greater the wingspan of the helicopter blades, the greater the fall time of the helicopter. This means that as I reduced the wingspan of the helicopter blades, the helicopter fell quicker.

How do you make a paper helicopter fall slower?

The faster the blades spin, the less the air can get by, and the slower the helicopter falls. By experimenting with the weight, shape, and position of the blades, you change how fast and how much air is pushed out of the way.

How do you make a whirlybird fall slower?

Flipping the wings causes them to spin in the opposite direction. The longer the wings, the slower the drop because of the uplift on the greater wing area.

What makes a paper helicopter spin?

Why does the Roto-Copter spin? When the Roto-Copter falls, air pushes up against the blades, bending them up just a little. When air pushes upward on the slanted blade, some of that thrust becomes a sideways, or horizontal, push. … The two opposing thrusts work together to cause the toy to spin.

Which falls faster book or paper?

The book’s terminal velocity is faster than the paper’s since the mass is greater. (4) The lack of a terminal velocity in vacuum and the same acceleration rate of each object as they fall. This is because the drag force goes to zero and there are no other forces to oppose acceleration.

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How do helicopters fly forward?

Only the main rotor is used to move the helicopter up and down, and to make the helicopter tilt forward, backward, left, or right. … By tilting a blade to increase the blade’s angle of attack, the pilot can increase the force of lift that is pushing up on that blade.

What the difference between a helicopter and an airplane?

The primary difference between a helicopter and an airplane is the way that the mechanics are designed to generate lift. … This is why airplanes require a long runway, while helicopters can simply take off from a smaller location.

How does a helicopter fly?

Unlike airplanes, helicopters feature spinning wings called blades or rotors on top. As a helicopter’s blades spin, they create a force called lift that allows the helicopter to rise into the air. … For example, helicopters can move straight up or down and hover in the air without moving.

How will changing the direction that the paper helicopter blades are folded affect the flight of the helicopter?

Folding the blades in the opposite direction will produce a counterclockwise spin of the helicopter.