How much is a Robinson R22 helicopter?

Robinson’s R22 is the world’s most economical-to-operate helicopter. The R22 carries a base list price of $250,000, with dealers typically discounting between 3 and 4 percent off list, but excellent used machines are available at around $100,000.

How much is a new R22 helicopter?

R22 Cost. The R22 has a suggested retail price of $285,000 (ex factory price, USA) and the value on the second hand market is dependent on component time in service.

How much do Robinson helicopters cost?

Today the R44 sells for about $475,000, the R22 for about $300,000 and the R66 — a five-seat turbine-powered model introduced in 2010 — for about $900,000. In all, Robinson has made more than 12,000 helicopters, with at least 60% of recent sales going to foreign buyers.

How fast does an R22 helicopter fly?

Specifications & Dimensions

Helicopter R22 Beta II
Pilot, Passenger, and Baggage (with standard fuel) 389 lb (176 kg)
Max Airspeed (Vne) 102 kts (189 km/h)
Cruise Speed up to 96 kts (178 km/h)
Maximum Range (no reserve) approx 250 nm (460 km)
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How much does it cost to rent a Robinson R22?

Helicopter Rentals

R22 Rental (per hour) $280
R44 Rental (per hour) $505
R66 Rental (per hour) Inquire Within

Can helicopters land anywhere?

With few exceptions, helicopters can land their aircraft just about anywhere they want to. There are some FAA restrictions, of course, and you’ll have to check any state or local restrictions as well, but as a general rule, helicopters are allowed to land almost anywhere.

What is the cheapest helicopter?

15 Cheapest Helicopters in the World

  1. Brantly B-2 ($100,000) Whilst it may not look like much, the Brantly B-2 is the world’s cheapest helicopter.
  2. HeliWhale Afalina ($120,000) …
  3. Robinson R22 ($328,200) …
  4. Guimbal Cabri G2 ($350,000) …
  5. Enstrom F-28 ($360,000) …
  6. Enstrom TH180 ($400,000) …
  7. Robinson R44 ($505,900) …
  8. Sikorsky Schweizer S333 ($698,000) …

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How much does a helicopter overhaul cost?

R22 Overhaul Cost

Overhaul Kit: $93,000k (includes bladder tanks)
Engine Overhaul: $18,500
Engine Buildup Kit: $2,800
Overhaul Labor: $15,000
Total: $129,300

How much does it cost to fly a helicopter per hour?

How much does a helicopter cost to fly in per hour? On average, you can expect to pay $150 to $200 per hour to take flying lessons in a helicopter. However, a police helicopter costs on average about $400/hour to fly. Naturally, larger choppers cost more to fly.

How Much Does owning a helicopter cost?

If you are interested in purchasing your own helicopter, then you’re probably looking at a price tag of anywhere from $250,000–$1,700,000.

Is the R22 helicopter safe?

Advanced Helicopter currently operates five R22s, including one instrument trainer, a 1983 Alpha, serial number 378, that is still going strong. The Good: The R22 is hands-down the world’s leader in civil helicopter training. … The helicopter is reliable, cost effective and safe if operated within its guidelines.

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What fuel does a Robinson R22 use?

The R22 Beta II incorporates a Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carburetor-equipped engine fueled with 100L grade aviation gasoline.

How much is a helicopter engine?

Helicopter operators can expect to pay $100k to $300k per engine, per shop visit.

What is the range of a Robinson R22?

386 km

How much does it cost to run a Robinson R44?

Robinson R44 operating costs are typically broken down by hour and include, fuel, insurance, tie-down or hangar storage fees, regular maintenance inspections, and landing fees. Typical R44 operating costs average about $190 per hour depending on a wide range of variables.