How do you get a rebel helicopter in Just Cause 3?

Just Cause 3 How to Rebel Drop the Assault Helicopter so it Doesnt Crash and Burn. You have to do it in the confines of the blue ring in the garage. Rico will get the assault helicopter from the liberate Vis Electra Mission.

How do you get the gold Urga Mstitel in Just Cause 3?

The golden one is unlocked at Rebel drop by collecting all 71 of the Di Ravello tapes.

How do you get the squalo X7 in Just Cause 3?

To Locate you the Squalo X7 boat you must Fast Travel to a small dock in the western part of a lake in Libeccio which is by the border between Libeccio, Rocca Blau, and Maestrale. The Coordinates are N 40 48.035 E 5 35.824.

How do you get the Navajo Cs in Just Cause 3?

The CS Navajo helicopter is an indispensable attack chopper with great attack power and maneuverability. To unlock the CS Navajo (AH-64 Apache) helicopter take over the military base at Puncta Sud. That’s on Insula Dracon in the southern tip of Petra (see screenshot of the base above and the map below).

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Where are the Jets in Just Cause 3?


  1. Griphon military airbase.
  2. Vulture military airbase.
  3. Porto Cavo military airbase.
  4. Guardia Grande Pastura II military outpost.
  5. Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  6. It can be found stowed with the wings folded up on trains. …
  7. Powers FOW at Cima Leon: Centcom.

Where is the stria Ghibli 3?


  1. Citate Di Ravello yacht dock at N 40 44.015 E 5 38.340.
  2. In the harbor of Vico Tructa, Petra.
  3. Vico Gamba.
  4. Right next to the garage after liberating Celata in Libeccio.
  5. At an abandoned coastal factory/port, just north-west of Porto Coclea.
  6. Near the chair and umbrella on the Volcano Island in Medici.

What is the fastest boat in Just Cause 3?

The Squalo X7 is a speedboat in Just Cause 3.

Dead by Daylight New DLC Announced – The Loop.

Squalo X7
List of owners Wealthy Medicians
Top speed (km/h) ~155.5
Top speed (mph) 84 (knots)

How do you save boats in Just Cause 3?

In Just Cause 3 I have a boat and need to get it to a Garage – How do I save this? You have to stop the boat between the blue buoys at a coastal garage. But you can also grapple the boat to a big helicopter and carry the boat to a land garage.

How do you unlock Uvk 13 in Just Cause 3?

This is your standard Rocket Launcher class weapon. It fires in a straight line, one rocket at a time, with enough power to blow up most small vehicles and objects in one shot. Unlocked by liberating Vigilator Sud in the Sirocco Sud Province.

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How do you unlock the Navajo in CSGO?

Unlocked after liberating Puncta Sud. At the same numerous military bases and outposts across Medici, after liberating the settlements. On some occasions, the Navajo might be replaced with other military helicopters.