Frequent question: Where can I find a helicopter in Saints Row 3?

Airport and army base. Airport if you just want a heli. If you guns on the chopper, go to the army base. Two to choose from, the tornado and the eagle.

How do you land a helicopter in Saints Row The Third?

and turns out you just hold down x to land.

What is the fastest bike in Saints Row 3?

The Kaneda is a vehicle in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

What are all the cheats for Saints Row 3?

Saints Row the Third cheat codes

  • cheese – Get $100,000.
  • letsrock – Get all weapons.
  • lolz – Gang notoriety +1.
  • oops – Remove gang notoriety.
  • pissoffpigs – Police notoriety +1.
  • goodygoody – Remove police notoriety.
  • whatitmeanstome – Gain respect.
  • goldengun – One-hit kills.

What is a muscle car in Saints Row 3?

This is an optional gang car for the 3rd Street Saints and seats 2 people in Saints Row and Saints Row 2. In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, it can seat 4. The Bootlegger is a muscle car, and so it is one of the fastest and fastest-accelerating “everyday” cars, and is a great car for racing activities.

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