Best answer: Should I buy the Mavic air?

$800 is still a lot of money, and the price only goes up when you buy one or two spare batteries, which you definitely should. But if you’re looking at getting into aerial photography, or if you’re a serious backpacker and space and weight are at a premium in your pack, the Mavic Air is definitely the way to go.

Is Mavic air worth buying?

For the past few months, the DJI Mavic Air has been arguably the best compact drone you can buy. It’s super small, the video quality is better than the original Mavic Pro, and with all of the new QuickShot modes it was great for beginners.

Is Mavic Air or Pro better?

DJI’s Mavic Air is cheaper, comes with better sensors than the Mavic Pro, and is the most portable option. And since it comes with many of the automation features you’d want — and can find in the Mavic Pro — the Mavic Air seems like an ideal choice for many.

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Should I buy the Mavic Air 2?

If you need the higher-quality image sensor of the Mavic 2 models—which offer a 1-inch sensor—then clearly the Air 2 is not going to cut it. But if you want something that flies well, offers 90 percent of what more expensive models offer, and costs less than $1,000, the Mavic Air 2 is an impressive machine.

Is Mavic air good for beginners?

Sitting right in between the Mavic Pro and Spark, the Mavic Air is great drone for beginners and the perfect balance of power and portability. Built to accompany you on all your adventures, the Mavic Air is half the size of the Mavic Pro while packing nearly all of the same great features.

Is Mavic air better than Mavic mini?

Weight and size: Mavic Mini wins with 249 grams vs 430 grams for the Mavic Air. Flight time: 30 minutes for the Mavic Mini vs 21 minutes for the Mavic Air. Mini wins. … Max range capabilities: 2.48 miles for both drones, however, the DJI Mavic Air has more robust connectivity and thus wins this round.

Can you fly Mavic air at night?

The OP appears to be located in the U.S., and assuming the’s flying for fun — or has a waiver — it’s not against FAA regulations to fly at night. You also don’t “go to jail” for violating those regulations.

Can the Mavic Air Zoom?

Mavic Air 2 users can now digitally zoom in on a subject. … Mavic Air 2 users can now digitally zoom in on a subject. 4K Zoom mode supports 2x digital zoom up to 4K/30p. 2x digital zoom is also possible up to 2.7K/60p while full 4x digital zoom is possible up to 1080p/60p in video mode.

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Which Mavic is best?

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the best small drone on the market, with superior image and video quality, obstacle avoidance, and excellent battery life.

How far can a Mavic Air fly?


Takeoff Weight 430 g
Maximum Takeoff Altitude 5000 m
Max Flight Time (no wind) 21 minutes (at a consistent 25 kph)
Max Hovering Time (no wind) 20 minutes
Max Flight Distance (no wind) 10 km

Should I get the Mavic mini or Mavic Air 2?

The Mavic Air 2 is best placed in between the Mavic Mini and the Mavic 2 by providing a perfect balance of high-tech features and cost savings. In terms of weight and size the Mavic Air 2 weighs 570 grams compared to the Mavic Mini, DJI’s lightest drone to date at 249 grams and the larger Mavic 2 drone at 907 grams.

Is Mavic Air 2 good for beginners?

The Mavic Air 2 is an incredibly versatile piece of hardware that’s perfect for beginners just getting into a new drone hobby and for more advanced Dronies (I just made that word up) looking for an all-around good product.

How high can the Mavic Air 2 fly?

Like all other of DJI’s drones, the Mavic Air 2 is integrated with the company’s latest safety technology. It’s not going to fly above 400 feet (or 120 meters) because that’s how high it’s legally allowed to fly.

Can you fly Mavic air in the rain?

You will get a new Mavic Water after flying. I would say the answer is no – with any complicated piece of electronics water saturation can cause shorting and malfunctioning. Therefore, it’s probably best not to expose the Mavic Air to rainfall and water saturation.

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Is Mavic air being discontinued?

There are still Mavic Airs at the DJI store under Discounts -> Refurbished at $499 or $599 with a Fly More kit. And some retailers still have new ones. But, yes, the Mavic Air has been discontinued and replaced with the Mavic Air 2. The Spark’s also discontinued, replaced with the much better and lighter Mavic Mini.

What is the easiest drone to fly?

Best drones for beginners

  • Hubsan H111.
  • Syma X5C.
  • Air Hogs toy drones.
  • DJI Mavic 2 drones.
  • DJI Mavic Air 2.
  • DJI Mavic Pro.
  • UVify OOri.