Frequent question: Can you fly drones at Uluru?

For a variety of reasons, remote controlled devices – including planes and drones – are not allowed in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Operating a drone is an offence under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act unless authorised by a permit.

Can you fly directly to Uluru?

Travellers can fly direct to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs from Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Indirect flights are available from Cairns, Canberra and Hobart.

Are there flies at Uluru?

No – though this is a common misconception. Uluru is a five-hour drive south west of Alice Springs, so if you want to fly directly to Uluru, book your flights to Ayers Rock Airport (also known as Connellan Airport) in Yulara.

Do you need a permit to visit Uluru?

You will need a permit to perform certain activities in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park or visit Aboriginal land outside the park. Activities in the park that require a permit include: doing research. filming, taking photos or recording audio for commercial purposes (including artistic works)

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How much does it cost to see Uluru?

Like most large national parks in Australia, you need a park pass to enter. Park passes are $25 for adults and grant three consecutive day’s entry into the park. You can extend your pass to five days for no additional charge.

How many days do you need in Uluru?

Given the wide variety of activities on offer, we recommend staying at least three days to give yourself time to explore, learn, go on some adventures and take your time to understand this special place. But don’t worry if you’re only here for a short visit.

How far is Alice Springs from Ayers Rock?

The drive between Alice Springs and Uluru is an absolute must-do, taking travellers through the heart of the country. And it’s not a long one, either – the one-way trip from Alice Springs to Uluru is just 450km/5.5 hours on fully-sealed roads.

Are there toilets at Uluru?

Toilets are located at the Cultural Centre and near the Mala carpark.

Can you touch Uluru?

While Uluru is so sacred to the Anangu that there are certain parts that they do not want photographed or even touched, they welcome the visitors who tool around its base on camels or Segways, or take art lessons in its shadow.

Does Uluru get cold at night?

Nights and mornings can get quite cold, so it is important that you have warm clothes packed especially if you are planning any sunset or sunrise activities.

Can you take alcohol to Uluru?

Uluru. You can drink alcohol at designated sunset viewing areas.

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How far is Kings Canyon from Uluru?

About Kings Canyon. Watarrka National Park and Kings Canyon is 300 km from Uluru, almost four hours by car. Visiting Kings Canyon can be done as a day trip from Uluru, but it will be a very long day.

What is the weight of Uluru?

How much does Uluru weigh? In 2018 the Northern Territory Geological Survey calculated the weight of Uluru for the ABC TV series Catalyst. Their estimate was 1,425,000,000 tonnes – and that’s just the part above the ground!

Why is Uluru so expensive?

In fact, it’s the most expensive destination in Australia and the third-most expensive in the world. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that the Ayers Rock Resort — which really consists of four hotels — has a monopoly on all the rooms, restaurants, and shops in the area.

Is it worth hiring a car at Uluru?

I highly recommend that you rent a car! On our first trip, we did not rent a car so we did 2 tours–one was a sunset/base tour of Uluru and the 2nd was a tour to Kata Tjuta to hike around the Valley of the Winds. … We could drive to Uluru to see both the sunrise and sunset if we wanted without any extra cost.

Can you climb Uluru 2020?

Visitors are advised that climbing Uluru is a breach of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity (EPBC) Act, and penalties will be issued to visitors attempting to do so. “The land has law and culture. We welcome tourists here. Closing the climb is not something to feel upset about but a cause for celebration.

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