Click N’ Play Best RC Rock Crawlers Review

Imagine that. It is a bright and sunny day. There is a light breeze that shakes your hair and a field of rocks and clods that spread out in front of you, asking you to go up and explore.

best rock crawler rc car

They want to drive on this terrain, but it will take more than an average RC truck to tackle the uneven surface.

If that sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday or really every day , then you’re probably one of the many people who love rock crawlers.

What is that, you say? Do you still not have a Rock Crawler or do you want to buy the best RC Rock Crawler?

Good! That’s why we’re here.

Best RC Rock Crawlers Review

We love rock crawlers as much as you and we have prepared the list of the best for you. All these trackers are fully updatable and ready to use (RTR).

Click N’ Play Remote Control Car 4WD Off Road Rock Crawler Vehicle 2.4 GHz

Best RC Rock Crawlers


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What is the RC Rock Crawler?

The RC Rock Crawler is a kind of remote-controlled vehicle. Unlike their racing counterparts, RC Rock Crawlers are slow. Speed ​​is not the goal here. Rock crawlers are designed to do what their name promises: climb rocks.

Then let us be clear here. There are considerable differences between RC vehicles. If you’re a beginner in rock crawling, do not make the mistake of choosing a remote-controlled vehicle. Before reading and reading our RC Rock Crawler reviews, take a look at the main differences between RC vehicles:

RC cars are made to compete. Then you are not made to climb rocks, but to increase speed and win in a competition.
RC trucks are perfect for off-road racing. They are powerfully built to run on any terrain and have big wheels.
A combination of cars and a truck whisper make the RC buggies or truggies. They lack the durability of trucks, but that compensates for their speed.
The RC Monster Trucks are very big and have huge tires. They are not too fast, but they are very powerful.
RC Rock Crawlers is not for the race. They are designed to move in any terrain, be it mud, rocks, sand, rocks, snow or streams.

So, if speed is not what you’re looking for, but an RC car should master all terrain challenges, it’s time to buy the best RC Rock tracker you can get your hands on. See Video


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Differences between RC Rock Crawlers

Regular RC Crawlers are not designed for competition. They are slow and ideal for climbing in the most difficult areas.
Trail platforms are vehicles that can scale, but are primarily intended for terrains that RC cars would not dare.
Rock racing cars combine off-road speed and climbing elements and are designed for competition.

Main features of RC Rock Crawler

Performance: the best RC Rock Crawler performs well for rock climbing and giving you control over your vehicle. Your courses are so important. There are two gears: the cylindrical gear and the pinion, the first is the largest.

Best RC Rock Crawlers

The two gears must have a difference in size to increase performance. The higher the transmission ratio formed by the difference in size, the greater the power and the lower the speed. Exactly what you expect from your RC Rock Crawler.

Traction: a combination of narrow tires and rims allows for better traction, which is important in RC Rock Crawling. Tires should be relatively soft with deep tracks. And it is also important to make sure that the tire and rim are well bonded or molded together to withstand the increasing loads of the rock. A limited slip differential is often the best solution for good traction.

High separation: this is perhaps the most important feature of RC Rock Crawlers. He does not want the RC Rock Crawler’s chassis to come in contact with the rocks, but he does not see his truck overturning. So, there is a need for a perfect balance when it comes to eviction. And so, the best RC rock tracker would have a low and stable center of gravity that helps you climb without losing balance and capsize.

Chassis: your RC Rock Crawler turns and spins while climbing, so smooth suspension is a must. With the correct suspension system, the vehicle remains stable as the tires remain in contact with the ground and compensate for any bumps. What are the main components of the suspensions?

1. Springs: Provide torque to protect the vehicle from impact off the road.

     2. Pistons: They are in the springs and prevent the caterpillar from jumping.

  3. Shocks: Absorb blows and blows.

There are 2WD and 4WD RC vehicles. When it comes to rock trackers, they are usually 4WD. What is the difference between the two?
A. 2WD means that only the two wheels of the vehicle are driven. These are better for street RC cars. Although they require little maintenance and are very durable, it is more difficult to drive them, especially on difficult terrain.

B. 4WD means that the four wheels of the truck are powered. They are ideal for off-road vehicles, such as rock trackers. However, since they consist of several parts, they require more maintenance.

Steering on all four wheels is important for steering the tracks, as they can move all four wheels in the same direction. Why is it so important to your rock caterpillar? Makes maneuvers easier and allows better traction.


Whether you are a beginner in the RC caterpillar scene or someone who has been off the road for years, this list has something for everyone, regardless of their favorite terrain.

RC Rock Crawlers are the best of the best in their price ranges. You have all the functions you want in a tracker. Now you have all the information you need to make the purchase of your next RC Crawler much easier and much more fun.

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Click N’ Play Best RC Rock Crawlers Review
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