Every kid wishes to have that perfect toy through which they can experience hours and hours of entertainment. What better than opting for that remote-controlled helicopter that kids wish to have in their collection?

However, when we talk of these best RC helicopters, there are a number of them available in the market.

Comparison Table of the Top Ten Best RC Helicopter in the Market

10 best rc helicopter

So what are the factors that need to be considered when purchasing RC helicopter?

For starters, one must look carefully at the usability of the helicopter.

Will it be used more inside the house or used more outdoors?

One must take into consideration the durability of the product apart from the manufacturer of the toy.

Another important criterion that one must consider is the cost of the product. All of these factors will together ensure that one ends up purchasing then best rc helicopter.

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The remote control helicopter for kids has become a craze for kids of this generation. Selection of the right product can end up becoming a tedious job, and we will help give you an overall review of the better products available in the market today. Depending on the purpose, one can select the good one helicopter that suits them.

1. Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel Fixed Pitch Ready to Fly Helicopter

This piece can serve for outdoor as well as indoor use. It has an LCD Transmitter and coupled with some of the other features; it can serve to be one of the best outdoor rc helicopter available in the market today.

It ends up providing a true radio control helicopter flight performance that can serve as a treat for those techno-crazy kids.  Check: best remote control helicopter for 7 years old

The materials used for making the product ensure that the helicopter is lightweight and compact.

This only serves as another reason why this product may be considered the best rc helicopter.

The interface is easy to use which ensures even novice pilots who crash frequently will not have a problem using this.

The product comes equipped with a 2.4 GHz transmitter and an LCD screen. Considering some of these features, it certainly looks like this remote control helicopter for kids can also be used by adults.

The LCD screen provides the pilot with a visual aspect of the trim settings. A plug has also been provided which enables one to charge the batteries when there are no USB ports around.

The one thing that this helicopter doesn’t take away in spite of all the technicalities is the fun quotient.

2. WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With Gyro RTF

This helicopter provides about 150m of flying time. When it comes to selecting the best rc helicopter, this product cannot be left far behind.

This product provides 3D action, and the side flying up, down, backward or even forward.

One can turn towards the left or right and control the helicopter accordingly.

The helicopter looks fantastic, and the body reminds one of the v911 product from the same brand.

The metal parts, however, ensure that the helicopter is way much stronger than its counterparts.

The remote control helicopter looks bigger than most of the other products available in the market today. In fact, the physical build quality is so great that the helicopter can manage to survive even if there is a fatal crash.

The remote is fantastic, and it goes a step further where one can even control older versions of the helicopter with the same remote.

Outdoor flight in the wind with this helicopter is much more enjoyable due to the weight of the product. The speed is another positive that this helicopter produces. Check: best indoor RC helicopter

The power from the stock motor is also fantastic. When flying overhead, one can hear the buffer of the blades just like a life-sized helicopter.

3. MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Large Single Blade Rc Helicopter

Replaceable blades are provided along with this helicopter (both front and back). One factor to consider when buying it would be that it is not that easy to fly.

One must possess some previous flying experience to get this product into motion. However, the handling of the product is extremely smooth, and it hovers beautifully making it one of the rc helicopter available in the market.

This heli has great head speed even when flying into the wind. One can control the percentage of use on their sticks.

All of these features coupled make it easy to fly. There are no dual rates on the remote, but the lower price of the product more than compensates for this.

This remote control helicopter for kids can surprise you with its performance. In fact, one could go even as far as calling it the best remote helicopter that is available at its price.

One can easily mount a camera to the front and go about video recording the surroundings with ease. Slight breeze does not deter the heli and it continues without any problems whatsoever.

No matter how many times this heli goes down, the amount of damage done to the product is minimal. The spare parts of the product are readily available as well.

4. Propel Air Combat RC Battling Helicopter with Flight Stick Controller

This helicopter easily allows one to speed around the house, effortlessly moving over sofas and other furniture.

One can fly this helicopter repeatedly, each time trying to better the landing from the last. In fact, one can compile an entire stunt course with these.

No wonder this piece is counted among the rc helicopter in town.

The flight stick controller can be used to control this helicopter in any direction just like a real helicopter.

Using these helicopters is so easy that even a novice could manage. They fly exactly as you want them to.

The low price of these is just like an icing on the cake. A number of these can fly simultaneously that make it one of the best outdoor rc helicopter in the market.

The extra blades that are available with the product could be used whenever needed. The product is extremely durable, and one can end up having a battle in the sky as well.

It does nominate as one of those cheap rc helicopter with no lack of entertainment.

5. MJX F646 F46 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Mid-size Single Blade Rc Helicopter

The first thing to notice about this helicopter is that you need to gun it; else, it would tip on take-off.

When brought out into the open fields, the helicopter seemed stable, and one could fly it across the free open fields with ease.

Little wonder then that it is tipped as one of the best rc helicopter in the market today.

Flying this helicopter repeatedly would give one the necessary experience in the long run.

However, this helicopter is not recommended for very small children. It is big and heavy and can manage to do some damage.

Moreover, flying this does require some skill as well. However, the remote control helicopter is easy to adjust and easy to handle too and it can be considered one of the best outdoor rc helicopter in the market.

The remotes of this helicopter are some of the best that one can come across. The “whoosh” sound that comes from the wide blades can be a treat for someone using them.

The heli does make a hard left skid on the floor when taking off, but it is all safe. It is certainly one of the best mini rc helicopter that one can come across.

6. Blade Nano CP S BNF BLH2480

This helicopter is palm-sized and offers the same features that most rc helicopters in the market do at a fraction of the price. In fact, such is the popularity of the machine that some users have dubbed it the Real-life RC Simulator.

No matter what damage is caused to it, the machine manages to remain intact. No wonder people have been going on and on about this being the remote control helicopter around.

SAFE Technology is now being incorporated into the splendid machine that will help improve the aerobatic experience further.

This rc helicopter seems to be the perfect choice for aerobatic heli fun. It seems to be the perfect choice as the best rc helicopter as well.

If you are an inexperienced pilot and wish to try 3D maneuvers, this piece seems to be the best bet to try this on. Its lightweight airframe and the overall structure of the helicopter may seem fragile at first glance. However, it has been constructed with super-resilient polymers and easily makes it the best cheap rc helicopter around just for its durability.

7. Large Electric Full Function 26" JXD 350V 3.5CH GYRO 2GB HD Camera RTF RC Helicopter Remote Control

The first thing that one would notice about this product is the fantastic look that the helicopter provides.

Along with the good looks, the sturdy setup makes this one of the best pieces in the market. The tag of the rc helicopter could easily be usurped by this too.

Moreover, the product also provides decent camera footage. It may not be one of the cheapest helicopters available in the market, but the features certainly make it worth a buy.

The lights add a nice effect to the overall product. One disadvantage of this helicopter could be that it doesn’t hold charge for too long.

However, everything considered, it is certainly one of the best indoor rc helicopter around. The camera takes clear aerial shots, which make using this one, a complete delight.

The product is extremely durable. No matter how many times it has crashed, the helicopter doesn’t fall apart. So that is a huge positive.

This remote control helicopter is one of the trendiest products in the market and certainly can’t be missed by a fan of this genre.

8. JOGOTO Thunderbird X8 Serie Large Alloy 28 Inch 2.4G 4CH RC Single-Blade Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro

Fully controlling this helicopter is extremely easy. It is certainly one of the lightest copters in the market and certainly one of the most stable ones too.

It has been touted to be among the contenders for the best rc helicopter in the market.

It is certainly one of the most durable helicopters that one can own. Hardly any adjustments are needed to the trim.

In particular, the propellers are extremely durable.

The helicopter has a fantastic speed and along with the good control, and you have a great gadget on your hands.

If you look closely, the helicopter is very detailed too, and fans of the helicopter will be amazed. It is one of the best products for someone just getting into the business of flying rc helicopters right up to skilled pilots who can fly day in day out.

One can find a lot of information about flying this product online too due to its popularity.

Stable flight with this copter ensures that it is considered as one of the best remote control helicopter around.

9. Lutema 2.4GHz Heligram Flight Simulator Remote Control Helicopter with LED SkyText Technology

This product easily stands out from ordinary RC helicopters in the market. It has all the standard features that one would expect out of a copter like the 3.5 channel control.

The simplicity of the product easily makes it one of the best rc helicopter available in the market. The product has coaxial rotors and LED lights too. However, the standout feature for this helicopter is the equipped LED light ribbon.

PC CD-ROM software has been included that enables one to hook the product to the computer and insert a personalized message of one’s choice.

One can then fly this copter and watch the message light up below the rotor blades. One can display a customized message of one’s choice, and everyone can get a glimpse of that message.

There is a small rotor blade covered with a strip of LEDs that can enable one to display dot matrix text or icons, which emerge as the blades spin.

Owing to a “persistence of vision” illusion, messages are displayed to those watching it from below.

10. Walkera Master CP Flybarless 200 Size 3D 6-Axis Electric RC Helicopter RTF With DEVO 7 D7 Transmitter

It is one of the latest integrated 3D helicopters available in the market, especially for beginners. The product is extremely durable and easy to maintain as well. Check: best rc helicopter for beginners

There is a new latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. All of these features contribute towards a super stable flight, and this product can be the perfect to practice for 3D entry level pilots.

Even though it adopts a brushed motor, the performance is similar to that of a brushless motor.

Some of the exciting features that come along with this copter include the Heat Dissipation Hole design that prevents the temperature of the motor from rising too high.

The main blades of the heli are made of plastic and built-in enhanced carbon fiber. The hardness and toughness of the materials improve the resistance of the copter to crashes. The battery is also considerably strong and provides longer flight time.

It is broadly considered as one of the best 200 class rc helicopters in the market.

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

Consider before buying: Each of the rc helicopters have their specific features that they excel in. Some of the products are better suited for outdoor use whereas others are better for indoor usage.

Before buying any of these, one must firmly weigh the pros and cons of each of the products. Quite clearly, each of the products has their special areas that they score highly.

The exact functionality that one is looking to retrieve from the rc helicopter must be understood in advance.

Ideally, standard functionality like the durability of the helicopter must be placed high on the list. There are people who are exceptional at flying some of these machines.

And then there are others who are beginners or are just entering the world of rc helicopters. The ease of usage for each of the helicopters can be taken into consideration, and the purchase can be made depending on one’s level of skill.

Some of these copters disintegrate as soon as they meet with a crash. Availability of spare parts can be a problem for some of these products.

The main company manufacturing the products must be noted. It is always advisable to opt for a well-known manufacturer. Depending on who would be using the helicopter, one can buy a product accordingly. Some of these products are heavy and contain sharp objects that can cause some damage.

If there is a little kid who is looking to use the product, there are lightweight products available in the market for them.

Many times these rc helicopters are used for videography. In such cases, it is worth noting whether the copter can withstand the weight of the camera and provide those sleek air shots as needed.

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