Top 10 Best RC Cars to Buy in 2019

Are you a kid or an adult? Are you interested in the best RC cars that can never get old? Is it racing on a track type or jumping over curbs or better still,  just tooling around the neighborhood? Do you need them for just entertainment?

Not minding whether you have a hobby-grade RC truck or indoor toys for just the kinds, there are numerous RC cars that suits your budget and needs. Check the list below for the top 10 and best RC cars available for your kids in 2018.

1. Click N’ Play Remote Control Car 4WD Off Road Rock Crawler Vehicle 2.4 GHz, Blue

Both RC cars and trucks have always been a childhood favorite generations of the children. With Click N’ Play RC car, your kid will have hours of fun in pulling of stunts and stimulating their imaginations as they pretend to be at the seat of the driver. The RC cars are educational also. They can enhance learning in the aspects of technology and electronics. This sit eh car your kid will always love to play not minding the weather. It is also an all-round fun for the parents as well.

Prosbest rc cars

  • Great toys for all types of terrain
  • Very fast and tough
  • Pretty rough and strong
  • It worth buying
  • Worth its price
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Made for any age and can be driven with ease


  • It is fun but not the best.

2. TOZO C1025 RC Car High-Speed 32MPH 4 x 4 Fast Race Car

TOZO C1025 RC Car adopts the high toughness explosion. The rubber wheels help in preventing slippery. The 4 Wheel Independent suspension systems is adopted with a helical spring with high resilience for each wheel which creates the impressive damping effect and a more steady drive. The car is very high in speed as much as rc cars

Therefore, it is very important to avoid hitting an object when it is at high speed running. It might result in a car damaged. By playing in the dirt could lead to motor and gears stuck and damaged. In case if the motor cannot run, the gear grind or wheel not run but motor sound, it might be as a result of the motor or gear is damaged.


  • Worth its price
  • It is super awesome
  • Very strong quality
  • Works great in all terrain
  • Durable


  • Battery lifespan

3. Theefun 1:12 2.4GHz radio 4WD Fast 30 MPH RC Car

Are you looking for the next big toy that both you and your kid can have a ball of time to play with? All you need is Theefun 1:12 Scale Off road 4WD High Speed RC Car. It relieves your childhood with your little one with this and boy on the road. It is designed with a sturdy body and powerful motors with full charge go steady for 10 rc cars Theefun

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Therefore, you can carry out your own race battles right at the comfort of your house, indoors even without bothering about the battery getting flat.


  • With unbeatable speed
  • Long lasting product
  • High performance
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • 100M control perimeter
  • Able to zoom past any mud, shallow water and grass at a swift 3-MPH without the need to wash thereafter
  • Good as perfect gift on a special day


  • Despite strong, must be handled with care due to its fragility


4. Tozo C1142 RC Car Sommon Swift High Speed 30MPH 4 x 4 Fast Race Cars

Tozo C1142 RC Car is a high-speed car that you must drive with excitement but ensure that you avoid it being hit object when it is on high speed running. One need to stop accelerating immediately as the RC car is stuck and cannot go forward otherwise the motor would be damaged by overheats and smokes.

TOZO C1142 RC CARIf the car is able to turn left and right but not forward and backward, then the new battery of the car body will make the car work again.


  • Long lasting
  • Awesome outline with exceptionally solid
  • Perfect gift
  • Well designed with sturdy look
  • Full of funs
  • Worth its value for money


  • New frequency bind is needed at first use and after each on-off the power switch


5. Hosim All Terrain RC Car 9112, 38km/h 1/12 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Car

Hosim All Terrain is the powerful brush 390 motor in its category. It is possible for one to break the speed limit up to 38km/h and still enjoy the feeling of the speed. The ergonomic transmitter of the radio remote control car can ensure tis superior control with a range of up to 260 feet and highly responsive steering and throttle.HOSIM RC Truck 9123


  • Amazingly fast
  • Ready to run
  • Superior control
  • Excellent off-road performance
  • Truly hobby grade RC truck designed for the off rod enthusiast
  • IPX5 Waterproof Level
  • High quality and attractive price
  • Ability to go through sand, grass, wet mud and marshy land, easy to finish and enjoy lots of hard movements.
  • Ability to play in any weather due to its semi-waterproof feature


  • Need little modification to battery

6. Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car Off Road

RC Car Vatos RC Electric Racing is made of RTF engineering nylon which can strengthen the high speed of the capacity o the car in anti-collision and beat-resistance. In terms of its full function control, it is able to move forward, backward, left and right.

Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing CarIt has powerful stunts on skateboards and steps. The remote control buggy racing and drifting, indoor and outdoor. Ability to move fast within 15 km per hour.


  • Powerful motor that facilitates strong power output
  • Ability to speed up to 15 km per hour
  • Independent suspension system with a helical spring with high resilience for each of the wheel that helps to creates impressive damping effect and a more steady drive
  • A little bigger than  imagination and yet light weighted
  • Very easy to control
  • Full of fun to play
  • Resistant material to crashing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Looks real in appearance
  • Worth its value
  • Have value for money
  • Durable
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  • Battery lifespan


7. Remote Control Car -2 Mini RC Racing Coupe Cars

For daily play time, RC Car -2 Mini Racing Coupe is very vital for children and offers many advantages such as easing stress and developing social and cognitive skills. Whether it is during the vacation period, long snow says or a just ordinary afternoon, if you want your children to be happily occupied with quality toys, why not get Remote Control Car -2 Mini RC Racing Coupe Cars?rc Car -2 Mini RC Racing Coupe Cars


  • Sturdy
  • Well built product
  • Bright colors and lights
  • Rechargeable and easily used controls
  • Impressively fast
  • Good customer support
  • Very perfect
  • With Rechargeable Batteries and Wall Chargers


  • Batteries run out fast

8. RC Lamborghini Veneno Sports racing Car W/27MHz Remote Controller

This Lamborghini is designed with non-toxic ABS plastic and a glossy exterior. Inside its package is a 27 MHz controller with functions such as forward, backward, left and right turns.RC Lamborghini Veneno Sport Racing Car

The details replica features red-tail lights when on the reverse and white headlights on forwarding mode. This toy is highly suggested for the children of age 6 and above.


  • Very portable
  • Looks realistic
  • Of high quality
  • Has a shock suspension system
  • Great for playing or collecting
  • Gives hours of enjoyment for racers big and small
  • Worth its price


  • Not good for children below age 6 otherwise damaged


9. Maisto R/C Rock crawler radio Control Vehicle

Just take your radio control experience off-road with the all new Rock Crawler from Maisto. This kind of radio control truck boasts articulated suspensions, two motors, and low gearing to make for awesome rugged off-road action.Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle


  • Fulfill its purpose
  • Portable have good quality
  • Worth its price
  • Have value for money
  • Able to climb rock


  • 2 AAA batteries for controller not included
  • 6 AA batteries needed for vehicle not included
  • Little inconsistent with the tightness of the steering

10. Rabing Remote Control Car F11 High Speed 1/12 Scale RC Car

This car is very perfect for the children age 10 and above. Its high performance of heavy duty rock crawling servo assists you to enjoy the great fun of driving the car. The latest and most sturdy car structure design is fantastic with its waterproof.Rabing Remote Control Car


  • Super fun
  • Worth its price
  • Far better than toy grade RC
  • Very stable well built
  • Never tips upside down


  • The switch on and off is too close to the battery area which makes it a bit difficult to switch.

Best RC Cars Selection Guide

Value range

So, what is the value of an RC electric car? These are some of the key considerations:


When looking for performance, look closely at the electric motor. Typically, they are classified in kV values and are either brushed or brushless. Brush motors wear out over time and the brushes have to be replaced. Brushless are maintenance free and low friction, so they work much better and have a longer life.


Plastic is the most commonly used material when you look at the construction of an RC car. However, there are some who use high-quality materials for some or all of their parts. The plastic breaks and must be replaced, especially in the chassis and transmission components. Look for metals or composites.


All RC cars need batteries to work. If you pay hundreds of dollars for an RC car, you should be able to use it. Look for an RC car that contains battery packs and remember that you can always update them later.


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What should I consider before buying an RC Car ?

How you drive your RC will have a big impact on some of the other features you need. For example, if you want to drive the vehicle anywhere, you should check the classification of accidental RC accidents. Some vehicles are obviously more robust than others. If you intend your RC to survive a masonry accident, consider a stronger car.

What type of batteries does the RC use?

Different manufacturers use several types of batteries. However, ordinary batteries are 9V and AA. You should also know that there are RCs that have Nitro engines. Even if the controller requires batteries, the engine may need batteries and fuel.

Can two equal RCs be used simultaneously (with different controllers)?

If you buy two identical RCs, check if they have different frequencies for the controllers. Most of the time, manufacturers have multiple frequencies in the controls and in the car, so this is not a problem. However, always check before you make your purchase.

Can an RC handle jump?

This, in turn, depends heavily on the type you buy. Of course, all-terrain RCs are better for jumps than road cars. If your RC shock absorber, you will probably be able to withstand light to moderate jumps on the ramps.

Can I design my own RC?

You certainly can! There is another level of hobby enthusiasts who use RC kits to build custom models. However, if you only learn RC or do not have time to invest in the construction, there is a chance that it is better to keep finished trucks.

Can I use my RC on the beach or on sandy surfaces?

You can do it, but it must be done with the utmost caution or avoided altogether. Sand particles can get into the bushings, gears, suspension and other tiny parts that cause a lot of wear. Who uses his RC on the beach or in sandy conditions, loses some life through his vehicle.

Additional considerations of parts

Here are some things you should understand about the components of RC. This information can be useful if you need spare parts or if you want to create a custom RC.

In conclusion, there are lots of thing sot benefits from these best 10 RC cars for 2018. If you truly want to make your children happy, it is advisable to get them one if not varieties of the 10.

Top 10 Best RC Cars to Buy in 2019
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