Your question: What is a gin flight?

Introducing our Gin Tasting Mats, also know as Gin Flights! You get to try 3 different gins, along with tonic and a selection of garnish on a tasting mat with key info on each gin so you know what you’re tasting!

Is Aviation Gin actually good?

Aviation Gin is adored for its spicy, sweet, cardamom and smoky flavor notes. This Gin is carefully distilled at House Spirits LLC, Portland distillery, United States. Based on 728 votes, the average rating for Aviation Gin is 7.6/10.

What does Aviation gin taste like?

Aviation Gin to Taste…

As a result, from a taste perspective it is no surprise to see that Aviation Gin takes advantage of the rich, floral and savoury flavour notes of unconventional botanicals such as Lavender and Indian Sarsaparilla, giving it delicate blending of both the floral and sweet spice.

Can you drink Aviation gin straight?

Aviation Gin ($30)

One of the pioneers of new American style gin, Aviation holds back on the juniper in favor of other, lesser-seen botanicals such as lavender, sarsaparilla and anise. It’s rich and lightly savory with a deliciously spicy finish. Drink it chilled down and unadorned.

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Is Gin classed as a spirit?

Gin is a clear spirit that is made by distilling fermented grain and a number of other botanicals, one of which by law must be juniper. Gin is essentially pure ethanol, or flavourless vodka, that is flavoured through re-distillation with a range of natural ingredients.

Is Gin the healthiest alcohol?

Made from juniper berries, a type of “super fruit,” gin serves as one of the healthiest spirits ever created. It’s low in calories, and the botanical properties that survive the distillation process present plenty of health-boosting reasons gin is healthy.

What is the best way to drink Aviation gin?

Pour Aviation Gin into glass filled with Ice and top with Tonic Water. Gently stir and garnish with Cinnamon Stick & Orange Peel.

What is the smoothest gin?

  • Best Overall: Sipsmith. Buy on Drizly Buy on Flaviar Buy on …
  • Best London Dry: Beefeater. Buy on Drizly Buy on Flaviar Buy on …
  • Best for Martinis: Tanqueray. …
  • Best for Gin and Tonics: Bombay Sapphire. …
  • Best for Negronis: Monkey 47. …
  • Best Budget: Gordon’s. …
  • Best Top Shelf: Hendrick’s. …
  • Best to Drink Neat: Barr Hill.

Is Gin good for kidneys?

Gin is the best natural remedy for kidney and liver disease. Juniper berries help stop water retention in your body, allowing you to pass more water than any other alcohol. This means that more harmful toxins and bacteria are flushed out your system.

What mixes good with gin?

20 gin mixers to try when you don’t have (or like) tonic

  • GIN & GINGER. Ginger beer is a warming, spicy alternative mixer for gin. …
  • GIN & VERMOUTH. Vermouth is the original ‘mixer’ for gin – in a Martini! …
  • GIN & LIME. …
  • GIN & COKE. …
  • GIN & SODA. …
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Does Gin get you drunk?

It does. There is no such thing as a person that can drink gin and not have the alcohol get into their bloodstream. If you drink enough of it, past a certain BAC measurement, then you are considered legally drunk. If you drink any alcoholic beverage, the alcohol will get into your bloodstream, period.

Is Gin bad for your stomach?

Juniper berries also act as a natural diuretic, and – double whammy – the herbs used to make gin are known for their role in aiding digestion. So if you find that alcohol often bloats you, switching to gin will give you a much flatter stomach than your usual beverage and help reduce bloating.

Does Gin go with Coke?

Try the Gin and Coke! Sure, the Gin and Tonic is probably the first easy gin drink that jumps to mind. But mixing this botanical liquor with cola is a very good idea. Use the right ratio and the delicate flavor of gin shines through without getting overpowered by the sweet cola.

Gin’s popularity has been on the rise due to three main factors: the craft beer and spirits movement, its versatility, and its affordability. It’s used and loved worldwide by many (including us) and it’s easy to see why. Gin has been many things over the years.

Is Gin stronger than vodka?

Vodka is a neutral spirit made from fermentable ingredients such as grain or fruit that’s distilled or treated to make a spirit without character, aroma, taste or color. Gin, on the other hand, is a spirit that is 40 percent ABV or higher, with its main characteristic flavor derived from juniper berries.

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Is Gin good for health?

The juniper berries in gin contain flavonoids, which can clean clogged arteries. It can also reinforce the connective tissues of the veins. Having moderate amounts of gin every day (one small glass) can decrease the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.