You asked: What is aircraft control cable?

Most general aviation aircraft control systems include flexible steel cables, otherwise known as wire rope. … It means that your control cables are made from individual steel wires wound in bundles and grouped together to provide both strength and flexibility.

Why do aircraft use control cables?

Cable-type linkage has several advantages over the other types. It is strong and light weight, and its flexibility makes it easy to route through the aircraft. An aircraft cable has a high mechanical efficiency and can be set up without backlash, which is very important for precise control.

What is the purpose of a control cable?

Control cables occupy an intermediate position between power cables and communications cables. They are widely used to connect electric instruments and apparatus, for secondary switching of remote-control starters and regulators, for protective relaying, and in automation.

Why is it called aircraft cable?

The term “aircraft cable” is a generic term used to denote wire ropes from sizes roughly . 047” to . 375” and constructions 7×7 and 7×19. … The name aircraft cable is derived from the fact that this style of wire rope is and has historically been used for aircraft flight controls.

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What is the importance of aircraft control cable rigging and inspection?

After the aileron is connected to the flight deck controls, the control system must be inspected to ensure the cables/push-pull rods are routed properly. When a balance cable is installed, check for correct attachment and operation to determine the ailerons are moving in the proper direction and opposite each other.

What is the most common control cable used size?

The most common control cable sizes (depending on strength required) are 7×7 and 7×19 cables. A 7×7 cable consists of six strands of seven wires each, laid around a center strand of seven wires.

What is the purpose of rigging pin?

Pins, usually called rig pins, are sometimes used to simplify the setting of pulleys, levers, bellcranks, etc., in their neutral positions. A rig pin is a small metallic pin or clip.

How many types of control cables are there?

CY and YY control cables

There are three different types of Control Cable in the area of process automation: CY, YY and SY Cable.

What is difference between power and control cable?

The main difference between power and control cables is that control cables are plain annealed conductors whereas the power cables are conductors of copper and aluminum. Where power cables are made for transmitting electricity, the control cables act as controlling agents in the different process automation fields.

Why do cable systems lose tension?

Cables can lose tension because of construction stretch, anchor creep, fitting slippage, and/or previous impacts elsewhere in the same run of HTCG.

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What is the difference between 7×7 and 7×19 cable?

7×7 aircraft cable is made from 7 strands that each contain 7 wires, for a total of 49 wires. A 7×19 aircraft cable is made from 7 strands that each include 19 wires, for a total of 133 wires. This means a 7×19 construction consists of over 2.5 times the total number of wires as a 7×7.

How much weight can aircraft cable hold?

Aircraft cable sizes range from 1/32″ to 3/8″, with breaking strengths (tensile strengths) ranging from 120 pounds to 14,400 pounds. Not to be used in any aircraft.

What are three main sections of flight control system?

The ailerons, elevator (or stabilator), and rudder constitute the primary control system and are required to control an aircraft safely during flight.

How can we inspect a cable for damages?

How do you visually inspect wire ropes?

  1. Use the “rag-and-visual” method to check for external damage. Grab the rope lightly and with a rag or cotton cloth, move the rag slowly along the wire. …
  2. Measure the rope diameter. …
  3. Visually check for abrasions, corrosion, pitting, and lubrication inside the rope.

What is the purpose of an aileron balance cable?

what is the purpose of an aileron balance cable? it ties the ailerons together in such a way that when one aileron deflects downward the other one is pulled up.