Why did pilot decide to fly through the cloud?

Q. Why did the pilot decide to fly through the clouds? Ans. The pilot decided to fly through the clouds because he wanted to reach England desperately and also he could not fly up and over the huge clouds in his old Dakota.

Why did the pilot decide to fly through the clouds 40 50 words?

Explanation: A huge storm was between the pilot and his destination. Flying through storm can be very risky , but the pilot decided to fly through the black cloud as he wanted to get home to be present at the breakfast table next morning .

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How did the pilot of Dakota describe the black clouds What did he decide to do then?

Explanation: When the pilot of Dakota was lost in the storm, then in the black clouds quite near him , he saw another aeroplane that had no lights on its wings, but he could see it flying next to his Dakota aeroplane through the storm. He was able to see that pilot’s face who turned towards him.

How do pilots fly through clouds?

When aircraft fly inside clouds, they fly under “instrument rules”. It doesn’t matter whether the visibility is reduced (at night) or totally blocked (in a thick cloud), this mode of flying simply assumes the crew has no external visual reference, they fly solely using indications given by on-board instruments.

Why did the pilot think of returning to Paris Why did he decide against it?

The pilot thought of going back to Paris because he saw storm clouds as he was flying. They were huge and looked like black mountains across the sky. The pilot knew that he could not fly over them and there was not sufficient fuel to fly around them to the north or the south.

What problem did the pilot of Dakota face in the clouds?

The pilot of Dakota can’t see anything in the clouds due to a storm. The radio and the compass was also not working and the fuel was about to finish.

Why could the woman in control room not help the pilot of Dakota?

Answer: The woman in the control room could not able to help the pilot of Dakota because she did not see any other plane except the Dakota Plane. This excerpt is taken from the story “Two stories about Flying”. Frederick Forsyth described the strange flight experience of him as a pilot.

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Which country was the pilot flying over?


What did the pilot notice when he was safe at the airport?

The pilot safely reached the airport due to the other airplane. But what he noticed was that there was no airplane in the sky. This was really surprising.

What did the pilot decide when he was stuck in the huge clouds?

Answer. Answer: The writer saw a black aeroplane which had no lights on its wings. The writer could see the face of the pilot in the black clouds who was waving and signalling him to follow to get out of the storm.

Can pilots see at night?

The short answer is no. The blinking LED light visible from the ground actually serves a beacon to help other pilots spot the plane in the air. … So, in the traditional sense at least, once the sun sets, pilots fly blind.

Is it dangerous to fly through clouds?

Sometimes flying through clouds is just like driving through fog – you really can’t see much but nothing bad happens – but sometimes they can represent extreme danger for pilots, planes and passengers.

Do planes fly in heavy rain?

The answer is ” yes” in the majority of cases, though there are some finer points to consider: Heavy rain can impair pilot visibility. … “Flameouts” can occur, require pilots to re-ignite engines. High-altitude rain can freeze and cause a plane to “stall”

Why didn’t the pilot returned to Paris when he saw the storm clouds?

Answer: Paris was 150 kilometres behind him when he saw the storm clouds. … The thinking of Narrator while he thinks about Paris Control was that he has not sufficient fuel to go back to Paris because he came 100 km far it. On the other hand his mind says that he wanted to do a good English Breakfast with his family.

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Why didn’t the pilot turned the Aeroplane back towards Paris?

He could not fly up and over them as he didn’t have enough fuel. He thought of going back to Paris but changed his idea. He decided to go to England to be in time for breakfast.

What happened when the pilot had covered a distance of 150 Kilometres from Paris?

Explanation: The pilot of the Dakota encountered a ‘dark and ominous cloud’ when he was 150 km away from Paris. The narrator wanted to meet his family so desperately that he decided to take such a risk to fly in such weather conditions. … He was helped by a pilot who miraculously appeared and disappeared afterward.