Where is PNR number in flight ticket?

PNR code can be found as “booking” detail below the midsection of your digital travel document or right bottom of your mobile boarding pass.

Where is the PNR number on air ticket?

On your flight coupon / ticket, your PNR is the first six alphanumeric characters printed toward the right as shown in the illustration below.

Is PNR number same as ticket number?

The ticket number is added to the PNR and the traveler can now enjoy his/her flight. For a deeper dive into the role of ticketing, check out this article on the air ticketing process.

How can I confirm my flight ticket?

These are the steps you can follow to verify your reservation step by step:

  1. Open any airlines website. For ex: www.klm.com. Click on Plan and Book.
  2. Under My trip section, enter the 6 character PNR code along with your last name or family name.
  3. You can see your trip details along with your name. That’s it!

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Can you check passenger name in PNR?

check your pnr www.indianrail.gov.in or www.irctc.co.in for passenger details. There is no way that you will be able to find out the names of the passengers. … Only the person who has booked the ticket can know about the passenger details. On pnr checking, the passenger details are never divulged.

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What is 10 digit PNR number?

The PNR number consists of 10 digits , where the first 3 digits specify the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) from which the ticket is booked. The first digit of the PNR number specify that the zone of the train (starting station of the train) of the ticket.

When should I confirm my flight?

To check in for your flight: Visit your airline’s website as soon as 24-hours prior to the departure of your first flight. Use the confirmation number in your online account to check in. You will also be able to view your seats and, if permitted by the airlines, confirm your seating preferences.

How can I download my ticket from PNR No?

How can I download train ticket from PNR?

  1. Enter PNR number and Mobile number.
  2. Click the search button.
  3. Your last bookings will be displayed.
  4. Click on Print Ticket option.
  5. After that you take the printout of your e-Ticket.

How can I get PNR number by name?

Click on “Check Train Live PNR Status”. Punch in your 10-digit unique Passenger Name Record number or PNR number and click on “Check Status”. This will give you exact details of you PNR, along with the credentials.

How can I get e-ticket from PNR?

How to get IRCTC train e-ticket via SMS

  1. Go to new in messaging app on your phone.
  2. Write SMS PNR in the message.
  3. Send to 139 or call 139.
  4. You will recive a detailed tickect information SMS from IRCTC .

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