What is the starting wage at Boeing?

The average Boeing salary ranges from approximately $51,389 per year for Office Administrator to $163,991 per year for Mechanical Project Manager. Average Boeing hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.74 per hour for Material Handler to $95.70 per hour for Software Developer.

How much do Boeing factory workers make?

The average Boeing salary ranges from approximately $37,974 per year for Line Lead to $131,371 per year for Production Manager. Average Boeing hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.75 per hour for Finisher to $37.68 per hour for Quality Assurance Inspector.

Is it hard to get hired Boeing?

Boeing employee here – the hardest part about getting in to the company is the first interview. However, with 777X ramping up, hiring is ramping up. Keep applying to as many positions as you can and if you are qualified, they’ll find you eventually.

Is Boeing good place to work?

Boeing is a great place for work-life balance. One can work on interesting projects due to the large amount of work available within the company. The pay is excellent. On the negative side, the management is quite complacent with mediocrity.

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Does Boeing negotiate salary?

Yes (sort of) on the salary. 10% is about what you get when you promote from one level to the next, so its considered “big”. For critical skills they are more likely to make it happen. Emphasize the relevant experience.

Do Boeing employees get flight discounts?

No, Boeing does not provide flight benefits.

Do Boeing employees get a pension?

First, a quick overview of Boeing’s VLO. Employees who are approved for a VLO will receive a lump sum payment equal to one week of pay for every year of service, up to 26 weeks. … Most must decide between taking their pension in monthly payments or rolling it over as a lump sum into an IRA.

How long does it take to get hired at Boeing?

How long is the hire process. It seems the average is 3 months or longer.

How hard is it to get a job at Amazon?

The hiring process is “extremely competitive,” he said. He’d typically bring in around seven candidates for an in-person interview for every one position he filled. “How many folks do the online assessment or a phone screen?” he said. “That could be 20 to one.”

What degree do you need to work at Boeing?

Of course people with degrees in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science are all involved in design work. Now to fly a Boeing jet, you need a pilot’s license and (most likely) a college degree of some sort, but his depends on the individual employer.

Does Boeing have good benefits?

Boeing offers a wide range of benefits, including market-leading health and retirement plans, generous tuition assistance, paid time away, and programs that support your family and community.

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What type of Engineers does Boeing hire?

Career Areas

  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
  • Flight Engineering.
  • Materials, Process & Physics.
  • Mechanical & Structural Engineering.
  • Production Engineering.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Systems Engineering.
  • Test & Evaluation.

How many engineers work for Boeing?

Boeing says that company-wide it currently employs a total of 56,000 engineers, including those at subsidiaries such as InSitu and Aurora Flight Sciences.