What is the meaning of flight up?

: a ceremony at which a brownie scout formally leaves her brownie troop and becomes a member of an intermediate girl scout troop. fly up. intransitive verb.

What does jetliner mean?

: a jet-propelled airliner.

What is the meaning of Fliet?

A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane. … Flight is the act of running away from a dangerous or unpleasant situation or place. Frank was in full flight when he reached them. The family was often in flight, hiding out in friends’ houses. …

What does flying high mean?

If a person or a company is flying high, they are very successful: The company was flying high as a maker of personal computers. US informal. to be very excited or happy: When the winter Olympics came to Canada, the whole country was flying high.

How does a turbojet engine work?

A turbojet engine is a gas turbine engine that works by compressing air with an inlet and a compressor (axial, centrifugal, or both), mixing fuel with the compressed air, burning the mixture in the combustor, and then passing the hot, high pressure air through a turbine and a nozzle.

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What is the speed of a commercial airplane?

The typical cruising airspeed for a long-distance commercial passenger aircraft is approximately 880–926 km/h (475–500 kn; 547–575 mph).

What does fileting mean?

(US filet) to cut a piece of meat or fish from the bones.

What is another word for flight?

What is another word for flight?

flying volitation
soaring gliding
shuttle winging
aviation aeronautics
air travel

What is flight real name?

Multi-hyphenate creator Flight, real name Kimani White, has signed with UTA for representation in all areas. Known for his basketball reaction videos, Flight has made a name for himself on YouTube, where he has 6.3 million subscribers across two channels.

What does flying a flag mean?

phrase. If you fly the flag, you show that you are proud of your country, or that you support a particular cause, especially when you are in a foreign country or when few other people do. The athlete flew the flag with distinction for Britain.

Do you say fly high when someone dies?

when someone dies you say “fly high” as in fly high in heaven.

Why do we say pass with flying colors?

To pass with flying colours means to pass with distinction. This term has a nautical history. It derives from when ships would return home with their “colours” (another word for flags) flying to show they had been victorious.

Why are jet engines so expensive?

You are right – jet engines are expensive. They are highly optimised machines containing thousands of parts. … The parts are often very difficult to manufacture, sometimes taking many hours on computer controlled machine tools to make.

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Where are turbojet engines used?

Turbojets can be highly efficient for supersonic aircraft. Turbojets have poor efficiency at low vehicle speeds, which limits their usefulness in vehicles other than aircraft. Turbojet engines have been used in isolated cases to power vehicles other than aircraft, typically for attempts on land speed records.

Which fuel is used in turbojet engine?

Jet fuel (Jet A-1 type aviation fuel, also called JP-1A) is used globally in the turbine engines (jet engines, turboprops) in civil aviation. This is a carefully refined, light petroleum. The fuel type is kerosene.