What is the difference between Airbus A330 300 and A330 200?

The bigger A330-300 has less range than the smaller A330-200, or more precisely: The A330-200 has a range of 13,450 km or 7,262 nautical miles. The A330-300 has a range of 11,750 km or 6,344 nautical miles.

Is Airbus A330-200 Safe?

Airbus has a further 300 orders for the aircraft. According to aviation expert Kieran Daly, the A330-200 is a “reliable, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art airplane,” with an impeccable safety record. He told CNN that there has only been one reported incident when an aircraft of this type has crashed.

What is an Airbus A330-200?

Benefitting from over 20 years of continuous incremental innovation, Airbus’ A330-200 is one of the most modern and reliable aircraft in the sky. Typically flying between 210 and 250 passengers, it can be tailored to carry as many as 406.

Is the A330-200 still in production?

The A330-300 has a range of 11,750 km or 6,350 nmi with 277 passengers, while the shorter A330-200 can cover 13,450 km or 7,250 nmi with 247 passengers.

Airbus A330.

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Produced 1992–present
Number built 1,512 as of 28 February 2021
Developed from Airbus A300
Variants Airbus A330 MRTT EADS/Northrop Grumman KC-45

How many seats does A330-200 have?

Seat Specifications

ACCOMMODATION (234 SEATS) 34 Seats 168 Seats
SEAT WIDTH/PITCH 19.7 in/80 in 50 cm/203 cm 18 in/31-33 in 46 cm/79-84 cm
CHILD SEAT FIT GUIDE Aircraft seat width min-max Not Permitted For safety, child seats are not permitted in the Delta One cabin. 16.8-18 in 43-46 cm

Which is better Airbus A330 or 777?

777 is actually larger than A330 and comparing them is like comparing a Embraer E175 with A320. There is a huge difference. Boeing 777 is the clear winner in all categories. 777 has the largest jet engines ever made for commercial planes, the GE-90.

How many Airbus A330 have crashed?

As of October 2020 the Airbus A330 had been involved in 42 aviation occurrences, including thirteen hull-loss accidents and two hijackings, for a total of 338 fatalities.

Is Airbus A330 bigger than Boeing 777?

On the whole, it is difficult to say which aircraft is better. While the A330 family is smaller than the Boeing 777, its cost and range still make it an attractive proposition for airlines. However, beyond the first generation, the A330 no longer remains competitive compared to the extended range 777 variants.

The A330 is reliable, spacious, comfortable, and can move large numbers of people a long way in a single leap. There’s a lot to like about the plane and nowhere has the A330 proved more popular than in the Asia-Pacific region.

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How many hours can an Airbus A330 fly?

Capable of flying routes from 20mins to over 17 hours, the A330neo is a highly-efficient and versatile aircraft – flying the most frequencies of any wide-body. As Airbus’ entry-level wide-body it offers the lowest financial risk with the lowest seat mile cost of any wide-body in its category.

Where is the Airbus A330 built?

The A330’s body is also similar to the older Airbus A300, and the computers and systems (like the fly-by-wire system) are similar to the Airbus A320 family of aeroplanes. Also, both the A330 and A340 are built at the same place: Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Toulouse in France.

Do Airbus A330 have tvs?

Our Airbus A330 and A321neoLR aircraft have individual touch screens with a wide array of entertainment options for everyone, from classic movies to new releases to hit TV series. There are also eight music channels featuring different styles.

How big is an Airbus A330?

Powering into the future

Overall length 208 ft 10 in
Fuselage width 18 ft 6 in
Max cabin width 17 ft 3 in
Wing span (geometric) 197 ft 10 in
Height 55 ft 1 in

Does Airbus A330 200 have wifi?

Qantas has commenced installing the hardware for inflight internet Wi-Fi on its widebody Airbus A330-200 fleet, with the offering set to be switched on for domestic flights “in the next few weeks”. The Wi-Fi installation usually requires a week to complete. …

How much runway does an A330 need?

The Airbus A330-800 only requires 2,220 m (7,280 ft) The Boeing 777-200 that needs 2,440 m (8,000 ft) Although a special mention is the out-of-production Boeing 767-200 that needs just 1,900 m (6,300 ft).

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Why does the a340 have 4 engines?

The 340 is a long range aircraft intended for long range and cargo. The 340 is larger and much heavier than the 320, and can carry more as well. The 320 only needs 2 engines for its weight, the 340 needs 4 to help lift it and propel it. Mainly because of its fuselage length.