What is reliability in aircraft maintenance?

Introduction. The purpose of a reliability program is to ensure that the aircraft maintenance program tasks are effective and their periodicity is adequate, in addition, the reliability program may result in the escalation or deletion of a maintenance task, as well as the de-escalation or addition of a maintenance task …

What are the types of aircraft maintenance?

Types of Aviation Maintenance Checks

  • Line Maintenance Checks. This type of maintenance is the most routine. …
  • A Checks. The next level of checks is known as A checks. …
  • B Checks. Next, B checks are often completed during the A check phase, as airlines and operators have phased out B checks. …
  • C Checks. …
  • D Checks. …
  • Routine Maintenance Checks and You.

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How does aircraft maintenance work?

Aircraft maintenance technicians use diagnostic equipment and gauges to test aircraft parts while keeping careful records of any work done. He or she inspects machinery to ensure it functions correctly. Aircraft maintenance technicians generally work on general aircrafts, piston-driven airplanes, helicopters or jets.

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What is aircraft maintenance program?

Maintenance programme is a document containing the maintenance requirements/tasks that needs to be carried out on an aircraft in order to ensure its continuing airworthiness.

What is the importance of aircraft maintenance?

Regular maintenance will extend aircraft life and ensure that aircraft will perform safely for the expected period of time. In order to effectively take preventative measures, aircraft should undergo different levels of inspection through an aircraft maintenance schedule.

What are the two categories of repairs in an aircraft?

Aircraft Repair

  • Making any type of aircraft repair requires an adherence to certain standards and procedures. …
  • Major repair means a repair:
  • Minor repair means a repair other than a major repair.
  • Aircraft Structural Repairs.
  • Component repairs.
  • Systems Repairs.
  • Engine Repairs.
  • Avionics Repairs.

How often are planes maintained?

The A check is performed approximately every 400-600 flight hours, or every 200–300 flights, depending on aircraft type. It needs about 50-70 man-hours, and is usually performed in an airport hangar.

Who is responsible for aircraft maintenance?

That responsibility clearly belongs to the aircraft owner: 14 CFR 91.403(a): The owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining that aircraft in an airworthy condition, including compliance with part 39 of this chapter [Airworthiness Directives].

Which is the most expensive maintenance check of all?

Which is the most expensive maintenance check of all? Explanation: D-check is the most expensive maintenance check to be performed on an aircraft. This is due to the large amount of manpower and equipment required to conduct a D-check.

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What is BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology?

BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (BSAMT) is a four year ladderized degree program designed to prepare students for becoming aircraft technicians. … However, completion of the four-year course entitles a student a full BSAMT degree, which will qualify him/her for higher positions in the aircraft maintenance field.

How many years is aircraft maintenance?

The Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology is a four-year ladderized degree program designed to that prepares students to become aircraft technician professionals.

How do I prepare for an aircraft maintenance program?

The easiest way to prepare a maintenance program is to adopt the manufacturers recommendations exactly. All manufacturers are required to publish maintenance and inspection requirements or instructions for continued airworthiness for each aircraft they build. Most operators choose this method.

What is camo aircraft maintenance?

Continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) is a civil aviation organization authorized to schedule and control continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft and parts thereof. … A CAMO must also provide record keeping of maintenance performed.

What is the role of the mechanic in aircraft maintenance?

Aircraft mechanics perform inspections, make repairs and perform scheduled maintenance of aircraft. They have the ability to diagnose both electrical and mechanical problems and identify repair procedures. They are able to examine parts for defects and replace them with new ones.

Why is aircraft inspection important?

The aircraft inspection process is key to the proper performance and airworthiness of any aircraft. Without proper inspections, aircraft are like to run with less effectiveness and to have components and parts that wear down easily and break down in a jam.

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How are aircraft certified?

The FAA requires several basic steps to obtain an airworthiness certificate in either the Standard or Special class. Applicant submits application to the local FAA servicing office, and. … FAA determines the aircraft is eligible and in a condition for safe operation.