What is included in Hawaiian Airlines extra comfort seats?

What does extra comfort include on Hawaiian Airlines?

We think you deserve a little extra

Treat yourself to our premium product, Extra Comfort. Our Extra Comfort seats on our Airbus A330 and A321neo aircraft offer more legroom, priority services and additional amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable.

Are extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines worth it?

They’re a highly likable airline. And their “Extra Comfort” economy class offering, with around five additional inches of legroom and a handful of other perks, are one of those really great values you occasionally come across in flying – and perfect for a five-hour flight from the west coast US to Hawaii.

What’s included on Hawaiian Airlines?

With Main Cabin Basic, you’ll enjoy the same authentic Hawaiian hospitality and quality service you can expect from us. You’ll receive Hawaiian Airlines’ signature complimentary meal, snack and beverage service during your flight, as well as free in-flight entertainment.

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What is preferred seating on Hawaiian Airlines?

Preferred Seats* gives you more legroom on select bulkhead and exit row seats within the main cabin on all Neighbor Island routes. *Preferred Seats are not available on Hawaiian Airlines codeshare flights or on Ohana by Hawaiian.

How many free checked bags on Hawaiian Airlines?

First Class Passengers, International Travel, Pualani Gold/Premier Club/Corporate Members, GOV/MIL Fare Travel, are allowed two (2) bags free of charge. Excess size/weight or special item charge may apply. Pualani Platinum members are allowed three (3) bags free of charge.

Do you get free drinks on Hawaiian Airlines?


Passengers will enjoy a wide range of complimentary drinks such as juices, sodas, tea, coffee and water, red or white wine are free with your meal while other alcoholic beverages may be purchased. The airline also offers free Mai Tai’s in main cabin.

Does Hawaiian Airlines weigh your carry on?

How strict is Hawaiian Airlines with carry-on weight? It’s rare for airlines to investigate the weight of your carry-on bag. With that said, it’s worth weighing your bag just in case – as you might be caught up and so you should try and stick within the 25 lbs / 11kg where possible.

What is first class on Hawaiian Airlines like?

Our First Class flight crew will pamper you as you enjoy all the luxuries First Class has to offer, including: Two (2) complimentary* checked bags with priority baggage handling. Faster check-in via our First Class check-in lines. Pre-assigned first class seat assignment.

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Which airline has the most legroom in economy class?

JetBlue. JetBlue touts itself as having the most legroom of any US airline with a pitch of 32-33 inches. While that is still generous among most American carriers, just a few years ago, JetBlue was offering an industry-leading 34 inches on all of its A320 airplanes.

Does Hawaiian Airlines give you a lei?

What better way to start your Hawaiian vacation than with a fragrant, fresh flower lei? … Let us greet you with a traditional fresh flower lei upon your arrival, or surprise someone special with this beautiful Hawaiian custom.

Does Hawaiian Airlines let you pick seats?

To select from available seats, please log in to your My Trips page. If your flight is departing within 24 hours, seat assignments must be done during check-in online or at the airport.

Are meals free on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is proud to offer you a taste of the islands even before you land – and it’s complimentary! Delicious island-inspired meals and snacks are free on our North America, South Pacific, and Asia routes.

Can you take food on Hawaiian Airlines?

– Large containers of non-solid foods should be securely packed in your checked bag. Only small containers less than 3.4 oz. (100 mL) may be carried on. Exception: baby food sufficient for the flight may be carried on.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines?

North America (First Class)

Upgrade Price
Nonstop flights between LAS/LAX/PHX/SAN/SEA/SFO and HNL/OGG/LIH/KOA Starting from 449 USD
Discounted Rate for Pualani Gold Starting from 369 USD
Discounted Rate for Pualani Platinum Starting from 319 USD
Flights between *HNL-JFK/BOS Starting from 799 USD
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Can you charge your phone on Hawaiian Airlines?

Within the Main Cabin, USB power outlets are available for our guests to charge their small personal electronic devices such as their cell phone/smartphone. For more information regarding our New Extra Comfort seats and amenities please view Extra Comfort Seating and Benefits.