What documentation is required when a pilot has performed preventive maintenance on an aircraft?

Preventive maintenance has been performed on an aircraft. What paperwork is required? The signature, certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving the work and a description of the work must be entered in the aircraft maintenance records.

What is preventive maintenance checklist?

A preventive maintenance checklist is a set of written tasks that guide the technician through a PM before it can be closed. A checklist gets all the steps and information out of a manual and into the hands of experienced technicians by standardizing PMs in your CMMS.

Can a pilot perform preventive maintenance?

As a pilot certificated under 14 CFR Part 61 (private pilot, sport pilot, or higher certificate), you can perform specified preventive maintenance on any aircraft that you own or operate. … Authorized preventive maintenance cannot involve complex assembly operations.

What documents must be carried in an aircraft?

The letters stand for the documents that must be carried aboard an airplane. They are an airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, operating limitations, and weight and balance information.

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What is preventive maintenance aviation?

Preventive aircraft maintenance can be defined as simple preservation or replacement tasks that do not involve complex assembly operations. Essentially, this is any work from a list of permitted tasks where you’re replacing small standard parts or servicing parts of the aircraft without taking much apart.

What are the 4 types of maintenance?

Four general types of maintenance philosophies can be identified, namely corrective, preventive, risk-based and condition-based maintenance.

What is a maintenance checklist?

Maintenance Checklist. An itemized list of discrete maintenance tasks that have been prepared by the manufacturers of the asset and/or other subject matter experts such as consultants. Checklists are the basic building blocks of a maintenance program. Organization of the Checklist.

What is preventive maintenance examples?

For example: performing regular business and equipment inspections, cleaning and lubricating essential equipment, and tidying your business’s grounds are all examples of preventive maintenance. The goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent equipment failure before it occurs, and to reduce the risk of accidents.

What is considered preventative maintenance?

Section 1.1, defines preventive maintenance as “simple or minor preservation operations and the replacement of small standard parts not involving complex assembly operations.”

Who can return an aircraft to service?

(a) Except as provided in this section and § 43.17, no person, other than the Administrator, may approve an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part for return to service after it has undergone maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration.

What preflight action is required of a pilot prior to a flight?

You preflight the airplane, determine that it’s safe to fly, and check the required paperwork. This consists of the airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, radio station license (required only if the airplane will be operated internationally), operating limitations, and weight-and-balance information.

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Is aircraft insurance required?

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says the agency has no authority to require private aircraft be insured.

When overtaking another aircraft in flight you should?

When aircraft are approaching each other head-on, or nearly so, each pilot of each aircraft shall alter course to the right. (f) Overtaking. Each aircraft that is being overtaken has the right-of-way and each pilot of an overtaking aircraft shall alter course to the right to pass well clear.

What are the different types of aircraft maintenance checks?

They are divided into three types of “checks” that bundle together hundreds of tasks – A Checks, C Checks and D Checks. (The B Check got absorbed into the others for more modern aircraft.) Inspecting things like wheels, brakes and fluid levels (oil, hydraulics) are done during transit checks.

Who is responsible for determining if an aircraft is in condition for safe flight?

14 CFR 91.7 places responsibility on the pilot in command by stating, “The pilot in command of a civil aircraft is responsible for determining whether that aircraft is in condition for safe flight.” Many aircraft owners might be surprised to find multiple violations for flying an aircraft that is not airworthy.

What kind of maintenance can a pilot perform?

Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration, the holder of a pilot certificate issued under 14 CFR Part 61 may perform specified preventive maintenance on any aircraft owned or operated by that pilot, as long as the aircraft is not used under 14 CFR Part 121, 127, 129, or 135.

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