What airlines are using middle seats?

United, American, Spirit, Allegiant, Frontier, and Sun Country have all been operating with the middle seat filled for most of the pandemic. In contrast, Delta, Hawaiian, Alaska, JetBlue, and Southwest have practiced social distancing since the beginning.

What airlines still have middle seats open?

Passenger loads

Delta is now the only U.S. airline limiting capacity onboard, and will continue to block all middle seats through at least April 30, 2021.

Does American Airlines block middle seats?

American Airlines no longer blocks off the middle seat and allows planes to fly completely full. AA says it will instead alert passengers when their flights are getting full during the check-in process, giving them the chance to switch, free of charge, if their flight is eligible.

Is Southwest keeping middle seats empty?

Southwest will no longer keep middle seats empty on flights. Southwest Airlines announced Thursday that it will start fully booking popular routes, unblocking middle seats that it has kept vacant for months to make travelers feel safer during the pandemic.

Does blocking middle seats help?

Airline seats are only around 18 inches wide, so blocking the middle seat isn’t going to achieve a full meter of distance. However, researchers found that any distance decreases the risk. And that intuitively makes sense. Scientists agree that middle seats on planes should be blocked.

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Who is blocking middle seats?

But, there’s one holdout that’s still blocking seats: Delta.

The Only Airline That’s Still Blocking Middle Seats

  • Delta.
  • JetBlue [ended January 7, 2021]
  • Alaska [ended January 6, 2021]
  • Hawaiian [ended December 15, 2020]
  • Southwest [ended December 1, 2020]

How can I tell if my Southwest flight is full?

Checking Your Flight Status

Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to find a section titled “Other Flight Information”. The number of people on the flight will appear as well as the number of seats available.

Can I buy an empty plane seat?

You can buy an extra seat on all United flights, which might be a good idea since the airline is selling middle seats right now. The second seat for extra personal space can only be booked over the phone, but you can both earn and redeem miles for it — something that most other airlines don’t allow.

How many boarding positions are on Southwest Airlines?

On Southwest passengers are broken up into three groups — A, B, and C — and each passenger is given a number in that range, typically from 1 to 60. The plane is boarded in order of your priority, meaning that A1 boards first, and C60 boards last (assuming there are passengers with those numbers).

What airlines are blocking middle seats in 2021?

Delta is continuing its industry-leading commitment to provide more space on board as the only U.S. airline to block middle seats and limit capacity on all flights departing through April 30, 2021, ensuring customers can confidently plan and book their spring travel.

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