Quick Answer: Can you use Alaska companion fare on international flights?

Can you use the Alaska Companion Fare on international flights? Yes, but you can only redeem the Alaska Companion Fare on Alaska Airlines-operated flights, not partner-operated flights. Alaska currently flies internationally to Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Can I use my Alaska companion ticket on American Airlines?

You can use the companion fare for any ticket so long as there are no codeshares or partner flights. If you can book it without a companion fare–and all the segments are on Alaska or Horizon–then you can also book it with a companion fare.

Where can I use my Alaska companion ticket?

Your companion fare code can be applied to a new reservation made at alaskaair.com for Alaska Airlines flights only. Your reservation must be made for two people booked in the same itinerary, traveling together, and ticketed at the same time. Companion fare codes are only valid on alaskaair.com.

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What is the best way to use Alaska Airlines companion fare?

Maximizing the Companion Fare

  1. Include an open jaw. One of the best things about the Alaska companion fare is that you’re not restricted to a simple, round-trip itinerary. …
  2. Include a stopover. …
  3. Consider a status challenge. …
  4. Book for friends or family members. …
  5. Open two Alaska cards in your household. …
  6. Keep it simple.

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Does Alaska airline fly international?

Alaska Air Group serves more than 115 destinations with nearly 1,200 daily flights in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica. … Alaska Air Group offers more flights to more destinations from the West Coast than any other airline.

Can someone else use my Alaska companion fare?

The Alaska Companion Fare can only be used in conjunction with a paid ticket, so you cannot use the companion fare to add a person to your itinerary that you booked with miles. … Both people traveling on the itinerary will earn miles for the flight, even if one person is traveling on a Alaska Companion Fare.

Can I use my Alaska companion ticket for first class?

Save on first class travel with the companion fare. Although the companion fare can only be used to book flights in the economy cabin, there are still ways to use it and save on first class travel. Complimentary elite upgrades are available close to departure, and some fares can be upgraded further in advance.

Do Alaska Airlines miles expire?

Mileage Plan miles do not expire, and may be left in your account as long as the Mileage Plan program exists. However, if there is no activity (earning miles or using miles) on your account for 2 years, the account will expire and your miles will be deleted.

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Can my companion fly without me?

However, he or she has to actually fly with you, and the airline is strict about not allowing ticketed companions to fly solo. … “The Companion Pass is valid for travel only when the Companion is accompanied on his/her flight(s) by the Rapid Rewards Member.”

How do I use my companion ticket?

Both passengers must be booked on the same flights and dates, at the same time. Travel for Companion Certificate must be booked and completed by the date on the front of certificate. Validity is not based on calendar year. Primary ticket will accrue miles.

Is Alaska Airlines refunding tickets?

All tickets may be refunded in full to the original form of payment within the first 24 hours after their initial purchase. While not every ticket is refundable, we are committed to refunding all eligible tickets within 20 business days for cash purchases and 7 business days for credit card purchases.

How does a companion voucher work?

How do I get a Companion Voucher? Your Companion Voucher entitles you to receive a second seat for a companion on the same flight and cabin as you. Companion Vouchers can only be redeemed on available reward flights. All you’ll have to pay is the Taxes, Fees and Charges for you and your companion’s tickets.

Does Alaska Airlines fly to Europe?

Alaska travelers arriving on Condor flights to Frankfurt and Munich can connect to more than 75 destinations across Europe, Africa and Asia. … Alaska Airlines adds Europe’s Condor Airlines as newest Mileage Plan partner.

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What airlines does Alaska Airlines partner with?

As of right now, Alaska partners with airlines around the world, including:

  • Aer Lingus.
  • American Airlines.
  • British Airways.
  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Condor.
  • EL AL Israel Airlines.
  • Emirates.
  • Fiji Airways.

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How many miles do you need for a free flight on Alaska?

Free flights start at 25,000 miles, but most require 50,000 or more to get more options on your flight.

Does Alaska Airlines fly to US Virgin Islands?

Whether you’ve flown on Alaska for years or traveled on Virgin America flights – we’re proud to be your West Coast airline with lower fares, better service, and sweeter rewards. …