How much is a Delta Private Jet Card?

Deposits for the Delta Private Jets Card start at $150,000. Hourly rates, which include fuel and taxes, start at $5,250 for a light jet, and are locked in for up to two years. The Delta Sky Access program has an initial membership fee of $8,500 and then $6,000 each subsequent year.

How much is a Delta jet card?

The lowest cost card that Delta Private Jets carries is the light-jet card at $5,500 per hour which makes a 25 hour card $137,500. This card allows for 25 hours of flight on non-peak days with an upfront payment. The most expensive 25 Hour Card is their Heavy Jet Card that is priced at $328,750.

How much is a private jet card?

Prices & Services

An entry-level prepaid fractional jet card providing 25 hours of flight time on a light jet will cost between US $145,000 to $165,000.

How much does it cost to fly Delta Private Jets?

Peak Day hourly rates. 120 hour notification to DPJ for guaranteed jet availability. 120 hour notification to DPJ for avoidance of cancellation fees. Flexibility of + or – 3 hours on departure time (utilized at Delta Private Jets’ discretion)

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How much does a 25 hour Netjet card cost?

At NetJets a 25 hour jet card on a Citation Latitude starts at about $220,000 plus FET and any fuel surcharges need to be added.

How much is a 50 hour NetJets card?

The smallest share you can purchase is a 1/16 interest, which gives you 50 hours of flight time a year. Your biggest upfront cost is a one-time acquisition fee: for the Phenom 300 Platinum Edition jet, a 1/16 interest, or 50 flight hours, costs $550,000.

What is the best private jet card?


  • FlexJet.
  • Star Jets International.
  • Private Jet Services (PJS Group)
  • Paramount Business Jets.
  • Concord Private Jet.
  • Jet Linx Aviation.
  • Luxury Aircraft Solutions.
  • Solairus Aviation.

Is it cheaper to own or charter a jet?

While renting a private jet is considerably more expensive than flying on a commercial flight, it is still much cheaper than buying your own jet. … The typical cost is between $1,000 and $10,000 per hour to charter a private jet.

How much is NetJets per hour?

The cost of NetJets, which is the world’s largest private jet operator, will wholly depend on how often you travel and the level of commitment you want. For entry-level private jet usage, NetJets offers an exclusive membership card starting at approximately $5,000 per hour.

How do private jet cards work?

A Private Jet Card is a private aviation product that enables holders to use different aircraft at agreed-upon fixed hourly rates. … Traditional Jet Card programs are prepaid hours of occupied flight time on a given aircraft or size of aircraft. Some programs include not only jets, but turboprops.

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How rich do you have to be to fly private?

To fly private on a regular basis, it’s best to have both a $1+ million annual income and $25+ million net worth. In years when your income drops below $1 million, even if you still have a $25 million net worth, fly commercial instead.

What is the cheapest way to fly private?

The cheapest form of private flight is an empty leg. These are journeys that are scheduled to fly without passengers so any money the company makes is a bonus. Another is the prepaid jet card, where members can buy time in jets by the hour and renew as needed.

How much does a private jet pilot make?

As of Mar 9, 2021, the average annual pay for a Private Jet Pilot in the United States is $53,386 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $25.67 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,027/week or $4,449/month.

Who owns the largest private jet?

The Airbus 380 is the world’s biggest private jet and the most expensive. Its price tag is around $500 million. The jet is fit for a prince. In fact, its owner is the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud.

What is hourly rate for wheels up?

Core Membership regular price for individuals is $17,500 annually and corporations $29,500 annually (annual dues starting second year are then $8,500 for individuals and $14,500 for corporations), plus a fixed hourly price for each hour flown – the cost per hour of getting on the King Air is $4,695 per hour, light jets …

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How do you fly private?

Here are seven simple steps on how-to travel by private jet.

  1. Send trip details. …
  2. Discuss charter solutions. …
  3. Select top 3 charter solutions. …
  4. Review cancellation terms. …
  5. Sign agreement/Arrange payment. …
  6. Share passenger names and preferences. …
  7. Show up and fly.