How much does a ramp agent make at Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent Hourly Pay. The typical Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent salary is $13. Ramp Agent salaries at Southwest Airlines can range from $8 – $34. This estimate is based upon 238 Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much do ramp agents make an hour?

Ramp Agent Salaries

Job Title Salary
Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent salaries – 251 salaries reported $13/hr
American Eagle Outfitters Ramp Agent salaries – 78 salaries reported $34,138/yr
Menzies Aviation Ramp Agent salaries – 73 salaries reported $13/hr
Swissport Ramp Agent salaries – 72 salaries reported $13/hr

What is the starting pay at Southwest Airlines?

Average Southwest Airlines hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.51 per hour for Reservation Agent to $21.50 per hour for Customer Service Supervisor. The average Southwest Airlines salary ranges from approximately $34,950 per year for Customer Specialist to $74,078 per year for Reservation Agent.

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How much do Southwest gate agents make?

$28,380. The typical Southwest Airlines Ramp Agent salary is $28,316. Ramp Agent salaries at Southwest Airlines can range from $16,275 – $71,666.

Do ramp agents fly for free?

You do not have to be a flight attendant to get free flight benefits. There are many positions available within the airlines and all of the benefits are the same: free flight benefits. Positions such as: reservation agent, customer service agent, manager, supervisor, ramp agent, etc.

Is ramp agent a hard job?

It’s a nasty job, but extremely important and it must be done correctly or you could lose your life. Fast paced and not much time to take a break because so many people are depending on you to do your job. There is much lifting, getting dirty, breathing jet exhaust, stepping in oil.

Which flight attendant makes most money?

10 Airlines With The Highest Paid Flight Attendants In The United States

  1. SouthWest Airlines – $65,000. …
  2. Delta Airlines – $57,000. …
  3. United Airlines – $54,600.
  4. Alaska Airlines – $52,000.
  5. JetBlue – $46,000. …
  6. Spirit – $43,000. …
  7. Allegiant Air – $43,000.
  8. Frontier – $42,000.

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Do all Southwest employees fly free?

At Southwest Airlines, gratitude is a way of life. … Employees have free unlimited travel privileges for themselves and eligible dependents on Southwest Airlines.

Is Southwest Airlines a good company to work for?

This year marks the 10th consecutive year in a row that Southwest Airlines has ranked as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, based off of reviews and satisfaction from company employees themselves.

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How much do Southwest employees get paid?

Southwest Airlines Salaries

Job Title Salary
Customer Service Agent salaries – 67 salaries reported $15/hr
Operations Agent salaries – 58 salaries reported $15/hr
Ramp Supervisor salaries – 56 salaries reported $22/hr
Customer Support & Services salaries – 51 salaries reported $15/hr

How much do Southwest pilots get paid?

Total Pay Average

The typical Southwest Airlines Airline Pilot (First Officer) salary is $216,396. Airline Pilot (First Officer) salaries at Southwest Airlines can range from $52,899 – $549,882.

How long is Southwest Airlines flight attendant training?

A: Currently, training is four weeks long and is held in Dallas, TX.

Will Southwest Airlines furlough employees?

Southwest Airlines says it’s not going to furlough workers in 2021 after all. The airline’s CEO says that with Washington’s approval of $15 billion in new federal aid to airlines, furloughs or pay cuts aren’t needed. PUBLISHED: December 28, 2020 at 1:17 p.m. | UPDATED: December 28, 2020 at 1:45 p.m.

What jobs let you fly for free?

Nine Jobs That Let You Travel the World for Free

  • #1: High-End Event Photographer. While not all photographers have to travel to do their work, some absolutely do. …
  • #2: Airline Employee. …
  • #3: Fashion Executive. …
  • #4: Performing Artist. …
  • #5: Wilderness Guide. …
  • #6: Event Organizer. …
  • #7: Travel Nanny or Au Pair. …
  • #8: Travel Company Executive.

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Do all airport employees fly free?

Pro: Flights are free or reduced for employees—but there’s a catch. … If you work for an airline, you’ll enjoy either free or reduced fares, but the catch is you’ll have to fly standby, meaning you only get on if there are extra seats available.

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Which airline has best employee benefits?

Delta Airlines

Delta has consistently ranked at the top of the J.D. Power customer service satisfaction and is the world’s largest airline in terms of passengers. Delta is known for having some of the highest paying flight attendants and offers an excellent benefit and perk package for employees.