How much does a new Cessna 150 cost?

Airplanes with expensive radios, paint jobs, and/or larger horsepower engines typically sell in the $25,000-$30,000 range. The market for these upgraded Cessna 150s and 152s is quite small because it’s possible to buy a low budget 4 seat airplane for around $30,000.

Is a Cessna 150 A good first plane?

For basic fun and easy flying, it’s hard to beat the Cessna 150. Well-suited for training, light travel, and those quick local hops, the little 150 is a good all-around entry airplane. Cessna built more than 22,000 150s, according to the valuation service Vref.

How much does a new Cessna 172 cost?

You may ask, how much is a new Cessna 172 today? The Skyhawk goes out the door with pricing (from 2018) in the range from $369,000 to $438,000, depending on options—like the Garmin G1000 NXi.

Is it worth buying a Cessna 150?

It’s very worth it. It’s one of the most fun planes you can fly. It’s got decent short field performance, and is a capable cross country plane for its cost.

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How much is a new Cessna 152?

If you’re looking for a 150 or 152 as close to new as you can get, Aviat is producing Reimagined 150s and 152s, which are completely refurbished and overhauled with modern avionics, new interior, and new paint starting at $119,900 for the Reimagined 150 and $129,900 for the Reimagined 152.

What is the best first plane to buy?

7 Best Single-Engine Airplanes to Own Right Now

  1. Diamond DA40 NG. When it comes to safety, the DA40 NG (the “NG” stands for “next generation”) is just about the best single-engine plane to own. …
  2. Beechcraft G36 Bonanza. …
  3. Cessna 172. …
  4. Mooney M20 Acclaim Ultra. …
  5. Pilatus PC-12 NG. …
  6. Piper M350. …
  7. Cirrus SR22T.

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How fast will a Cessna 150 fly?

200 km/h

What is the cheapest plane to own?

The Most Affordable Single-Engine Planes – Our Top 9 Picks

  • Less than $20k. Cessna 150. Ercoupe. Luscombe Silvaire.
  • Lower $20,000s. Aeronca Champ. Beechcraft Skipper.
  • Upper $20,000s. Cessna 172. Stinson 108.
  • $40,000+ Pre-201 Mooney M20.
  • Conclusion.

What is the easiest plane to fly?

The 3 Easiest Planes to Learn to Fly

  • The Cessna 172. The Cessna 172 didn’t become the top-selling airplane of all time for out of the blue. …
  • The Piper PA-28. The Piper was built to compete with the Cessna 170. …
  • The Diamond DA40. The Diamond DA40 is a newer plane. …
  • Ready to Learn to Fly?

What is the cheapest Cessna?

Cessna Skycatcher

But the Skycatcher is the cheapest (or close to it) light sport aircraft (LSA) on the market, part of a relatively new class of small planes that make general aviation more obtainable than ever.

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How much does it cost to insure a Cessna 150?

Insurance costs

AOPA Insurance Services estimates a $25,000 Cessna 150 or 152 flown by a 100-hour (total time) pilot will cost $750 per year to insure. That’s one of the least expensive airplanes in the fleet to insure.

What is the best 4 seat airplane?

The Best 4 Seater Aircraft (SEP)

  1. Diamond DA 40 NG (Certified) At the top of the list is the Austrian produced (now Chineses owned) Diamond DA40 NG. …
  2. Lancair IV (Experimental) The Lancair IV-P is a 4 seater personal rocket ship, aka fast cruiser. …
  3. Maule M7 (Certified) …
  4. Bearhawk 4 (Experimental) …
  5. Cessna 170, 180, 185 (Certified)

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What does it cost to own an airplane?

Single-Engine Planes: These planes, which hold two or more people and are more economical to operate and maintain than multi-engine planes, typically cost between $15,000 and $100,000. Multi-engine Planes: If you consider a plane like this, it will cost you between $75,000 and $300,000.

Are Cessna 152 Safe?

Two-thirds of Cessna 152 accidents took place during flight instruction. … The leading causes of fatal accidents in the Cessnas were low-altitude maneu- vering, losses of control during takeoff, and pilot impairment or incapacitation. In the comparable fleet, they were adverse weather and losses of engine power.

What is the range of a 150 Cessna?

563 km

How high can a Cessna 152 fly?

The Cessna 152 has a service ceiling of 14,700 ft. It’s maximum air speed is 126 mph .