Frequent question: What is buttock line aircraft?

buttock line (plural buttock lines) (aviation, ship-building) A curve indicating the shape of an airfoil or nautical equivalent in a vertical plane parallel to the longitudinal axis of the craft or vessel.

Where is the buttock line of an aircraft?

Body buttock lines ( BL ) are measurements left or right vertical plane runing through the aircraft’s longitudinal axis. Expressed as LBL or RBL the may tu be used for fuselage locations, particularly in wide bodied aircraft and also wing location on smaller aircraft.

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What is aircraft waterline?

The waterline is the line where the hull of a ship meets the surface of the water. … In aircraft design, the term “waterline” refers to the vertical location of items on the aircraft.

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What is Wing Station aircraft?

STA = A plane perpendicular to the wing set at 90 degrees to leading edge. WBL = A plane perpendicular to the wing and parallel to the body buttock line.

What is datum line in aircraft?

The reference datum is an imaginary vertical plane from which horizontal distances are measured for aircraft weight and balance purposes. … The datum is determined by the manufacturer, and in small aircraft, the reference datum is often located along the firewall or at the leading edge of the wing.

What is a fuselage station?

i. The location along the longitudinal axis of an airplane that is a given number of inches ahead of or behind the datum, reference plane. ii. The point on the fuselage where external stores or fuel tanks are carried, such as against wing stations.

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What is the shape of the waterline?

What is the shape of the waterline? The waterline is a curve shape. This curved shape is called the meniscus. Always read the volume at the bottom of the meniscus.

Why is it called the Plimsoll line?

The Plimsoll line is a reference mark located on a ship’s hull that indicates the maximum depth to which the vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo. This depth varies with a ship’s dimensions, type of cargo, time of year, and the water densities encountered in port and at sea.

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Where is the waterline on a boat?

The line marked on the hull of the vessel that separates the submerged section of the vessel from the section above the water level. The waterline must never be submerged.

What is intercostal in aircraft structure?

The intercostal is for dissipating a load from a first frame onto a second frame and/or a skin of the aircraft. … By providing the framework in the intercostal structure, a rigidity (in the load direction) which is comparable to intercostals having essentially continuous thrust panels is essentially achieved.

What is aircraft station number?

Fuselage stations (Fus. Sta. or FS) are numbered in inches from a reference or zero point known as the reference datum. The reference datum is an imaginary vertical plane at or near the nose of the aircraft from which the fore and aft distances are measured.

What are the four typical loads on an aircraft?

There are four main load sources acting on an aeroplane – aerodynamic forces, inertia, ground reactions and thrust. The goal of the current work is it to determine its critical combinations.