Best answer: What preflight action is required of a pilot prior to a flight?

You preflight the airplane, determine that it’s safe to fly, and check the required paperwork. This consists of the airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, radio station license (required only if the airplane will be operated internationally), operating limitations, and weight-and-balance information.

Which preflight action is specifically required of the pilot prior to each flight?

Which preflight action is specifically required of the pilot prior to each flight? Become familiar with all available information concerning the flight.

What pre flight action does far 91 require pilots to take before beginning a flight?


Term Define Aircraft Definition A device that is used or intended to be used for flight in the air.
Term What pre-flight action does FAR 91 require pilots to take before beginning a flight? Definition Familiarize themselves with all available information concerning the flight
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How do you perform a pre flight inspection?

During the exterior part of the preflight inspection, look for anything that appears to be mechanically unsound.

If in doubt, do not fly!

  1. Inspect the empennage.
  2. Remove tail tie-down.
  3. Check for free movement and security of elevator and rudder. …
  4. Check antennae.
  5. Inspect right flap.

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What is Preflight in aviation?

In aviation, a preflight checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed by pilots and aircrew prior to takeoff. Its purpose is to improve flight safety by ensuring that no important tasks are forgotten.

Who is responsible for determining if an aircraft is in condition for safe flight?

FAR 91.7 (b) states that “The pilot in command of a civil aircraft is responsible for determining whether that aircraft is in condition for safe flight.

Which type of weather briefing should a pilot request?

Which type weather briefing should a pilot request, when departing within the hour, if no preliminary weather information has been received? A) Outlook briefing.

How many hours are required between consuming alcohol and flying?

They also restrict pilots from “flying or attempting to fly an aircraft within 8 hours of consuming alcohol or if they have an alcohol concentration of 0.04 percent or greater,” according to FAA rules. Pilots may not use alcohol “while on-duty or within 8 hours of performing flight crew member duties.”

What aircraft must give way to balloons?

a) power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft shall give way to airships, gliders and balloons; b) airships shall give way to gliders and balloons; c) gliders shall give way to balloons; d) power-driven aircraft shall give way to aircraft which are seen to be towing other aircraft or objects.

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How is airworthiness determined?

Defining Airworthiness:

Two main factors determine if an aircraft is airworthy: The aircraft conforms to its type certificate and authorized modifications; and. The aircraft must be in condition for safe operation.

How long do pre flight checks take?

The pre-flight data analysis usually doesn’t require more than 30 minutes, unless it is a new route for one or both of the pilots. After the briefing with the First Officer, the captain briefs the Chief Purser or the Senior crew member who afterwards briefs the rest of the crew.

What is a post flight inspection?

Quick Reference. Also after-flight inspection the inspection of an aircraft at the conclusion of a flight in order to determine whether any damage has occurred and what maintenance actions are required before the aircraft is again flown.

What is a benefit of flying with a glass cockpit?

The controls in a glass cockpit have fewer mechanical components to break down or return false readings. The biggest advantage to a glass cockpit over traditional cockpits is that the automation systems are more accurate, the information is more precise, and the data is displayed more ergonomically.

Why preflight is important?

The visual preflight assessment is an important step in mitigating airplane flight hazards. The purpose of the preflight assessment is to ensure that the airplane meets regulatory airworthiness standards and is in a safe mechanical condition prior to flight.

What are two sources of pre flight information?

A wind and temperature forecast may be obtained from wind and temperature charts, grid point wind and temperature charts, route sector winds and temperatures forecasts, a NAIPS wind and temperature profile (applicable for the flight), as well as from approved flight planning systems that derive data from the Bureau of …

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Is a private pilot required to log all flight time?

While your friend is flying, you may not log any flight time. Unless the aircraft requires more than one pilot. You most likely won’t run into an aircraft with a type certificate requiring more than one pilot while flying small general aviation planes.