Best answer: What does in flight project mean?

In-Flight Projects means projects already in progress by Client that are listed in a Schedule to the applicable Service Agreement.

What does in-flight mean in business?

“Something happened during a process” implies that the process has stopped or gone awry. In-flight implies that something is in motion as normal, and needs a destination. It can’t just stop where it is.

What does in-flight transactions mean?

The definition of an in-flight transaction is “any transaction which was initiated by a KSF IOM customer prior to the default event (i.e. suspension of banking licence) on Thursday morning 9 October 2008 BST.”

What does it mean to be in-flight?

offered to passengers during a plane flight: in-flight entertainment/meal/movie. happening during the time when an aircraft is in the air: in-flight refuelling/security.

Is in-flight hyphenated?

Hyphens are chains for words. An easy way to remember it is when you see them in words. “In-flight” is an example. … If the adjective follows the noun, you won’t need a hyphen unless it’s labeled as such in the dictionary.

Do you say on the plane or in the plane?

On a plane is correct. On refers to being on a surface, and a plane and other things such as buses and ships have “platforms” that are big enough to stand on. However, you can also say in a plane or bus, because in means enclosed in.

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How do you spell in flight?

adjective. done, served, or shown during an air voyage: an in-flight movie.

Can you pay by card on a plane?

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and MasterCard Debit onboard TUI flights. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use AMEX, Diners’ Club, Maestro, Electron or Solo cards though.

Why is it called a flight?

A wine flight is a group of wines. Just like a geese flight, but instead of birds, we’re talking about glasses. … Evidence suggests the name was a random choice based on the simple fact that flight means a “group of.” However, some romantics believe the term flight was chosen because it makes people think of travel.

How many is a flight?

A flight is a military unit in an air force, naval air service, or army air corps. It is usually composed of three to six aircraft, with their aircrews and ground staff; or, in the case of a non-flying ground flight, no aircraft and a roughly equivalent number of support personnel.

What is the definition of flight time?

The regulations in pertinent part define “flight time” as “[pJilot time that commences when an aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of flight and ends when the aircraft comes to rest after landing.” 14 C.F.R. … Flight time ends for any helicopter operation when the helicopter comes to rest after landing.

What does inflicted mean?

to impose as something that must be borne or suffered: to inflict punishment. to impose (anything unwelcome): The regime inflicted burdensome taxes on the people. to deal or deliver, as a blow.

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