Wltoys v922 flybarless remote control helicopter

The prominent advantage about this best outdoor RC helicopter is that it is suitable for beginners and also less expensive. Not to mention an easy to use switch this is ideally provided for inverted flights. Without a doubt, you wouldn’t feel lost in orientation as you perform the inverted flights with this cheap RC helicopter.

wltoys v922 flybarless remote control helicopter

Quality of this Remote Control Helicopter

There are various scopes of improvement that have been attached from this RC helicopter. For instance, the four grommets of the canopy seem to be easily detached whereas the canopy itself is made from soft plastic (It can easily break).The grommets of this type of RC helicopter are also tiny such that you can easily lose them and not find them. The skid seems to be soft just like ones in V912.

Summary: The battery movement from this RC helicopter best cheap RC helicopter might affect its flybarless system. Also, it is advised for you to purchase the Nano-tech batteries which seem suitable for this mini RC. Stock batteries are very low for this type of RC helicopter.

wltoys v922 flybarless remote control helicopter 02

Are the blades for this RC helicopter as firm as they look?

The above question seems to be asked by various consumers. I’d like to review that you have to tighten the main rotor blades since it becomes loose often. If your RC helicopter gets a hard crash, the billeted blades might break.

Although they offer extensive stability, the blades seem to be soft and flexible, though a bit shorter as compared to other ones. In strong winds, it becomes difficult to hover over from one direction since the blades are not as heavy as they look.

How about this RC helicopters’ transmitter?                    

A transmitter for this aircraft is far more important regarding the efficiency than that of the E728.It is more sturdy which is the most imperative thing for the micro CP .For this reason, it needs to be held firmly while still focusing on flying this RC helicopter

This cheap RC helicopter features Modes 1 to 4, and they can be well secured on left and right stick. Always ensure you have chosen the mode before starting the flight. For instance, if it is mode 4, then you should opt to keep the “Down” button pressed hence getting to Mode 4.

wltoys v922 flybarless remote control helicopter 03


  • It is a reasonably priced RC helicopter, and if you are a beginner the V922 is excellent for you to learn the basics of CP helis
  • Flies and handles much better
  • It is an indoor and outdoor aircraft


  • This is the fastest RC helicopterthat I have recently used. First, learn the basics of using the CP helicopters
  • Cannot withstand too much breeze
  • You need to have other helicopters’ spare parts since these RC helicopters parts seems to be very fragile


As you switch this RC helicopter on, try and keep it on a flat surface for a moment. The process helps to allow the gyro to start. To be precise, this RC helicopter will not disappoint you or your kids. The main secret is only to grasp the controls and stability of the RC helicopter.

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