T-Rex RC Helicopter Review 2017

Align t-rex helicopters are one of the purest joys to have. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fifth RC Helicopter. What matters most is the high appreciation you will get from the Align devices.

Their parts are easily identified and well placed together. You also don’t know how the instruction manual is, not unless you have a chance to read it. It is professionally structured to understand with less effort.

Besides, Align Company is centralized in Taiwan. They used to come up with intensive vacuum cleaner. But Alas! They surprised us with Toshiba, Hitachi, Sanyo and now the T-rex RC Helicopter.

4 Best T-rex RC Helicopter Review 2017

They are genuinely loved everywhere, thanks to their easy maneuverability and perfect aerodynamics. Read along to understand more about the nicest details of these best combos


Align-T-REX-500 RC

I want you to understand why this Helicopter is so popular. The answer is very simple they are highly designed to do everything as expected. Just name it; from parts, design and support.

I bet the T-rex manufacturer knows this better than anyone else. Not them, but the consumers reviews and applauds says it all. This is what makes them to surface with the nicest birds.

T-rex 500L Helicopter will always continue to shape-up your hobby to the next level. Reason: It has fully established itself as a high performance remote controlled RC for many years.


Align T-Rex 500E

It is very difficult to ignore how this T-rex RC helicopter functions. Three words; clean, simple and superbly design. I would have to say that this combo is one of my top Helicopter that I have ever owned.

In obvious reason size plays a major role when choosing any device. That is why the Align manufacturers went further to bring us the best that they can afford.

This is in regards to the factory painted fiberglass canopy design as well as Direct-to-wash CCPM linkage.

If you don’t know what this means, you better follow. The Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing helps you to suspect any malfunction. The whole process will allow you grease or re-oil your Helicopter.


  • Made with high end materials and complements
  • The lightweight and decent design gives you an awesome flight performance
  • Be ready to receivean intense 3D compatibility
  • Coupled with a firm carbon fiber frame design
  • Comes with a set of 425D carbon fiber blades


  • You need to purchase other parts for this helis to fly; charger, receiver, battery, transmitter and assembly kit
  • It is very difficult to control when used by a novice pilot
  • Takes more time to assemble




  • It is one of the effective combos in the market
  • Comes with high end controls for overall stability: Gyro Fly bar less system and BL815H High voltage brushless servo
  • It is a medium sized Helicopter which is decently simple to control
  • It is destined to process 20 times faster than other previous (600ESP) models
  • Coupled with an improved software that improves overall system
  • Has the latest android app hence maintaining it easy to control when at the field


  • You need a six channel radio and receiver coupled with Helicopter mixing as well as digital pitch
  • Very difficult to control for novice pilots


Align Trex Gartt GT500

The Align t-rex 500L dominator is one of the efficient combos when it comes to stability and power. The Align manufacturers weren’t wrong when constructing this bird.

That is why it’s quite pricey as compared to others combos. But if you have a stronger budget at hand, I’d suggest for you to purchase the t-rex RC.It is one of the best sizable combos. The RC Helicopter  offers a DFC feature which is very efficient.

Allow me to convince you that improved DFC Helicopter is a better way to do things and forget about the hard core 3D flyers. Keep distant and see how it will play out over the next couple of years. Of course size plays a big part when it comes to flying any RC.

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  • It perfectly fits the Align 500 in a better way
  • Includes a 2024 alloy head that makes sure you have a substantial 3D performance
  • Feature a DFC rotor head hence making it easier to handle any aerobatic styles


  • It is a very expensive Helicopter
  • Very difficult to control for novice pilots


There are several Align Helicopter Kits that are currently in the market. This makes it impossible to recommend the best options. Therefore, it all depends on your budget and specific needs.

As recently mentioned, all the combo fits provides the best to no hassle value. By this I mean that you will get everything in one pack such as radio, Lipo battery for electric ones as well as radio.

T-Rex RC Helicopter Review
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