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The perfect gift to give this year is a remote control helicopter or UAV drone! These are perfect for beginners and advanced pilots!
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Take a look at our extensive collection of finest RC helicopters in the world. For even more selections and possibly better offers for RC helicopters.

RC Helicopter

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How to Fly Remote Control Helicopters (1)Helicopters are usually defined by the number of channels and the size. In general, the number of channels and the smaller the helicopter, the more favorable it will be.
The mini / micro helicopters are generous and make them ideal for indoor fun, although they can still be used outdoors in quiet conditions.
The coaxial helicopters have twin counter rotating blades that make them much easier to fly than the individual blade, so are perfect for younger pilots and beginners.
The 4Ch single blade are a great introduction to the right helicopter flying and although harder to fly are more worthwhile if you master it at last.
Finally there is the 6ch. The controls of a 6-channel helicopter are the same as a 4-channel, the extra two channels are automatically adjusted by the helicopter.
When you apply the throttle, the angle of the blades will change to create more lift, allowing the helicopter to perform stunts like reverse flight and fly even in windier conditions.

Types of RC helicopters

collective and cyclic pitch control exampleSo, how to choose the best RC helicopter for you? Our advice is to keep at Hobby Grade RC helicopter. Sure, you get a toy class one for cheaper, but these are not worth it if you want a decent flying RC helicopter that will actually last for years to come. Toy Grade helicopters usually range from 2 channels (throttle and rudder) to 3 channels (throttle, rudder and elevator).

They also lack a wobble plate, which is essentially the part of the helicopter which directs the rotor blade, which severely restricts the directional control. Nevertheless, we have included some toy class RC helicopters because it can be great to practice on before I quickly moved on to something better.

That is, even among hobby class RC helicopters, there are 3 types: Coaxial, fixed pitch and collective pitch. For beginners, the ideal RC helicopter is the coaxial.

Coaxial: The ideal beginner RC helicopter type

These come with two rotors on the top, which rotate in opposite directions. This results in the cancellation of the torque reaction (spinning action) that each rotor has on the main body of the copter.

Coaxial helicopters do not need a tail rotor. They are the most stable flying copiers among the different varieties and are usually not very reactive (or “snappy”) to control inputs and extremely easy to fly and therefore very ideal for beginners. They can make them in small to medium sizes, making them great indoor and outdoor flyers.


Fixed pitch: Best RC helicopter for intermediate stages

Next, in the ladder in trouble are “fixed pitch” helicopters. In contrast to the coaxial, these have only one rotor at the top. Note that most coaxial helicopters are also “fixed pitch”, the term is used to describe helicopters that have a tail rotor (to compensate for the torque response), but the “pitch” or pitch angle of the rotors of these RC helicopter types Are “fixed”.

Like coaxial helicopters, the height of the stroke in this type of helicopter is proportional to the amount of throttle input or the rotation of the motors. The higher the throttle, the more lift is produced. These helicopters also come in small to medium sizes and can be flown inside and out.


Collective pitch: Best RC helicopter for advanced pilots

If you are flying RC helicopters for a while, you might want to get a collective pitch type. With these helicopters the lift is not produced by pressing the throttle valve. Rather, the “pitch angle” or the pitch of the rotor blades is varied to either gain or lose. The spinning speed of the rotor blade is not associated with the lift produced.

This results in a “fast” response to control inputs. This is what is required for advanced maneuvers like inverted flying and ‘tic-tock’. Already times a Pro RC helicopter pilot fly an RC helicopter, crazy insect like maneuvers? They better bet that they are flying a collective pitch RC helicopter.

RC Helicopter Anatomy


  • The modern market for remote controlled helicopters is located in a constant flow. This is due to the dense quantity of new products and the relative amount of complexity and cost. This guide is designed to help you reduce the options to suit your skills, budget, and experience.
  • The key to getting the most out of your RC helicopter is to make sure that it has a great and established user community. rchelicop.com is proud to offer a well developed and highly supported forum community. Here, enthusiasts from all over the world meet to discuss new developments and help themselves with technical problems. With a well-established RC helicopter, you can be sure that there is a great database of questions and opinions.
  • Easy and quick access to spare parts and upgrades. Without the necessary contact for quick replacement, it can be a long and drawn process that damages your RC helicopter and repairs it. Fast and efficient delivery can mean that you are back and fly within days and not weeks.
  • Take the time to consider what type of RC helicopter is best suited to your circumstances. In which rooms do you have easy access to fly it? What is a realistic budget (not only in initial costs, but also long-term expenditures through repairs and upgrades)? What is your RC helicopter flight? Make sure that your RC helicopter choice is proportional to your skill (i.e., a complete beginner would be best with a basic RC helicopter to build experience). Have the experience to construct your RC helicopter from the framework, if so, it can add another level of complexity and reward! All these are essential questions to ask before you take the plunge!
  • Do your research. Make sure the RC helicopter you buy is from a well-established brand and that it has an upgrade capability with future releases. Some manufacturers are willing to release new RC helicopters with isolated resources that lead to stagnant products that can not adapt to the new technology as they become available. They do not find such products on rchelicop.com as we perform extensive research and testing in all our decisions before retail.

What RC helicopter should I buy?


What Kind Of RC Helicopter Should You Buy?

The first thing you should consider is how big a helicopter you should get. Helicopters come in different sizes from one that fits onto your palm, to one half the size of a real helicopter. An easy way to find out what size is right for you is to ask yourself: “Where would I fly?”

Where you want to fly is probably the most overlooked aspect when people buy their helicopters for the first time. The reason is that people usually want to go for the “cool” helicopter that is as big as their budget could afford.
Well, that’s great if you’re primarily an outdoor flyer, but that makes absolutely no sense when you end up flying inside most of the time. If flying into the comfort of your home is your cup of tea, then obviously becoming a small helicopter is more logical.

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A lot of people spend a lot of money on an expensive standard size helicopter just to find out later that they only have one or two hours a week to play with it – this is not enough time to fly a competent enough pilot enjoyable.
So, what a lot of old hand-hobbyists would recommend: If you’re planning to fly just for fun after work or casually on the weekends, then a coaxial model would be best.

On the other hand, if you plan to deepen full-steam advance into the hobby, fly your helicopter every chance you get, and maybe even fly later competitively, then by all means, the expensive models directly from the bat.


When buying an RC helicopter, one of the most important aspects to consider is whether your local hobby shop or hobby groups are able to support the respective model in terms of knowledge and spare parts.

A lot of people order RC helicopters online because they can get it cheaper just to find out later when it breaks that the only way to get spare parts is to order back online.
Needless to say, this can lead to deep frustrations. Make sure you do not do this by visiting your local hobby store and getting a feel for which brand / model is preferred. In this way, you can be sure that the model / brand has ample spare parts and support for you whenever you need it.

RC Helicopter
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