Top 5 Hot Tips on RC Helicopter Training Gear 2018

For the purpose of clarity, RC helicopter training gear can be defined as the combination of several fiberglass, wooden and possibly carbon sticks which are carefully designed in a “tic tac toe” or cross manner, having light plastic balls at the tail of every stick.

The essence of the plastic ball is to restraint those sticks from falling off while the helicopter is floating and bobbing the ground.

It is relatively cheaper to acquire but much cheaper when you decide to construct a complete set. Indeed, the training gear aw well very effective using sized RC helicopters.

The homemade is usually more affordable and durable when compared to micro size store purchased sets.

Five Most Popular RC Helicopter Landing Gear You Must Know

1.Training Gear Sets for All RC Helicopters

This is a must have for anyone that is new to flying advanced helicopters.
With this kit, it will help to balance your helicopter and at the same time greatly minimize the opportunity of breaking the rotor blade or any costly parts from hitting any obstacle. 


  • Very perfect for Blade 230S
  • It is just like training wheels for your helicopter
  • Far better than most of the other helicopter kits
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Plastic used in the structure is of high quality


  • Fragile kit

2. Universal Drone Landing Pad

This is a high quality drone with light and portable pad. It is very easy to store materials in it.
The zipper bag has hand strap which made it very convenient to carry outdoor.
One can easily enjoy drone of this kind at any time of the day and even in any occasion. 


  • Purposely for novice training
  • Can be used as dedicated landing zone during race
  • A must have drones
  • Pad is double sides that give two options of colors
  • Have reflective sticker that can be used for the darker times of flight
  • Stable pad because of the steaks packaged with it
  • Smaller quads can be used to fly and land outside


  • Manual must be upgraded

3. Droneport-Drone/Quadcopter Landing Pad

This kind of drone is flexible and very light. One can simply place droneport on the flat surface and place your drone on the droneport, then be ready to take off.
The droneport can be used on both sides. It is very perfect for racing, training sessions and tournaments with other pilots. 


  • Nice platform for landing drone
  • Pad possesses a good markings that is very visible
  • Pad should help in protecting the drone from dirt and uneven surface problems
  • Great size
  • Bigger than most drones


  • Price (a little bit pricey)
  • Packaging (too big)

4. Helix-Max Axe EZ training Gear Set

This is the training gear set for the Axe EZ Features.
It is made with plastic construction and has foam balls that permits stability for taking off and landing. 


  • Need gear to battery holder on the bottom of Axe EZ
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Enhance training


  • Need good instruction manual upgrade

5. Small Training Landing T-Rex Helicopter

They are authentically loves everywhere, great kudos to their easy maneuverability and perfect aerodynamics. 


  • Made with high end materials for durability
  • Full of fun to use for recreational activity and commercial
  • Every part is very nice in a professional way
  • Well structured instructional manual


  • It does not come with remote control
  • Required adult supervision when used by the children under age 8

Our Top Pick

Droneport - Drone / Quadcopter Landing Platform - Mobile Landing Pad / Dronepad for Multicopter / Helipad / Heliport / Pad for Drones, Helicopters, Multicopters & Quadcopters (H - Black, Large)
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Droneport - Drone / Quadcopter Landing Platform - Mobile Landing Pad / Dronepad for Multicopter / Helipad / Heliport / Pad for Drones, Helicopters, Multicopters & Quadcopters (H - Black, Large)
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  • ★ MOBILE LANDING PLATFORM / Landing Pad for DRONES / QUADCOPTER / MULTICOPTER / HELICOPTER - Droneport / Dronepad / Helipad / Heliport
  • ★ Original Droneport - MADE IN GERMANY! Extra Strong, Long Lasting, High Quality


In summary, for anyone to start using drone or helicopter for the first time or for continuity, it requires helicopter kit for total guidance. If there is no proper guidance or informative instruction manual, there will be mishandling which could result to serious damages to the system.
With T-rex helicopter, you can shape-up your hobby to the next level because it has absolutely established itself as a high performance remote controlled RC for a long period of years.
Small Training Landing T-Rex Helicopter is so popular due to its design to do everything as imagined raging from support, parts and design.

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