RC Helicopter Quadcopter Drone

RC Helicopter Quadcopter DroneRadio or remote controls have recently occupied our skies. Drones or quadcopters have immensely overruled the aerial viewing, thanks to its flying camera.

They are real quadcopter and that’s why they come with four wings. There are lots of choices when it comes to selecting the ideal drone for your need. This includes, a drone with a camera or even First Person View (FPV).But first you need to consider which the type of model, features and quality when choosing a drone.

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Purchasing the best RC helicopter Quadcopter  drone involves more research. In that case, allow me to introduce to you to my unbiased t-rex RC Helicopter. We all believe that there is an option for everyone in the RC market. Read along and don’t forget to select one that suits you best.


holy-stone-hs170-predator-mini-rc-helicopter-drone-2-4ghz-6-axis-gyro-4-channels-quadcopter-good-choice-for-drone-trainingIt is ranked as one of the best beginner’s level quadcopter. It is a complete aviation tool that is destined to make memorable flight experience.

The Holy Stone manufacturers based in China came up with this prized addition mini quad. You will completelythank them when you see a real action flight from this Holy Stone mini RC drone.

Consumers are rapidly commenting about it in a positive way. They simply love the actual size and the attached feature.

It is fully equipped with high powered engine that keeps the drone at a steady level. The attached remote control is more effective at a distance of about 60-80 meters.


  • Very easy to use by simply taking it out of the box, attaching the propellers and mounting the battery
  • Makes a tremendoushead start for novice
  • Can withstand wind and any type of shock
  • Forget about FAA registration
  • Is able to perform different stunts
  • Easy to fly both indoor and outdoor
  • Very responsive controls
  • The drone doesn’t come with a camera
  • Motor assembly is quite fragile
  • Poor battery life
  • Expect high recharge time


remote-control-helicopter-drone-mini-quadcopter-rc-toy-remote-control-aircraft-4-channel-2-4ghz-6-axis-gyro-helicopter-with-led-headless-mode-hexacopter-whiteWith less than $30 you are destined to own this RC helicopter quadcopter drone. It comes with a two megapixel camera. Not to mention it is fully attached with four different sensitivity modes.

The Vinciph are one of the top manufacturers when it comes to delivering complete drones. The drone is fully assembled with a 360 degree roll function as well as 4 LED for maximum visual appeal.

Installed 6-axis gyroscope makes sure that the drone is in a fixed and stable position. Besides, if the “return back button doesn’t seem to work” you can try to shake the two operating levels of remote control.

This helps to adjust the calibration level. Another step is that if the propellers seem not to work at all, always check if the fans drone is placed in an appropriate direction.


  • It is an easy to maintain and fly Heli
  • The 2.4GHZ frequency allows you to fly different drones at similar time
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors flying
  • It is very easy to install the batteries
  • Quite sizable and produces no sound at all


  • The drone doesn’t come with a camera
  • The battery seems to slip out when it lands with high speed
  • Battery cord appears to fold itself hence interfering with the drones rotors
  • Poor battery flight time


EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter DroneBy having a glance at it, there is a sure similarity between an Inductrix drone and Eachine E010. Hold on, it looks more like a Nihui Nh010.I understand I am not here to judge two different helicopters.

But the engine part and body are just similar as the above drone. Enough of blabbering on paper, The Eachine comes in a small compact size. Don’t underestimate the manufacturers if you haven’t yet read their undefined features.

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This drone will give you the key to fly up to 360 degrees. The charging time is about 30 to 40 minutes instead of one hour. It can fly up to 30 meters high and at this point you will be able to control it without worry.


  • Well-built with propeller guide for durability
  • The battery is removable
  • The spare parts are readily available


  • Provides only five minutes of flight
  • Requires the FAA registration
  • Note that the drone isn’t manufactured for hovering


drones-with-camera-oottoo-hd-2mp-camera-drone-2-4g-4ch-6axis-rc-quadcopter-headless-modeIt is a best buy quadcopter drone with camera that comes with a HD 2MP camera and 6Axis gyro. The OOTTOO Company has moved further to bring you this drone. Not only do they make good quality quadcopters but also give you a bonus as you purchase this drone.

That said you will get a fully functional bonus battery helicopter by the OTTOOS.I just love the unique feature that comes with this drone. First it has “a return home function” that allows it to easily craft itself back home.

The One Key 3D Roll comes with the latest tech for ease of use by novice. The HD camera assures that you have received clear pictures.


  • The headless mode allows the remote control to point at similar direction
  • Everything is included in the box
  • Comes with two functional batteries
  • Extremely well built for quality
  • Very easy to fly and adjust (perfect for novice)


  • Recommended no to add any weight
  • Never fly the Heli on high level of temperature
  • Don’t throw in water of fire
  • Takes 90-120 minutes to charge which is a bit long


Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD CameraThe Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter can easily be flown by a 14 year old and above. It is an ideal choice if you have been looking for a well built and sturdy drone.

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The Holy Stone manufacturers did their best to give us the lightest drone with unique features. It is reasonably priced and a good value for your money. Has a super LED light that allows you to see clearly at night?

The whole drone is perfectly attached with small Phillip screws and not plastic rivets like other models. Comes with 6Axis stabilization for ease of use. For a more precise flying it has an imported coreless power system technology. This increases an acceleration and deceleration speed.


  • The Helicannot overheat during flight, thanks to the motor cooling system
  • It is very flexible and lightweight which makes it to with stand wind
  • For a peaceful landing, the control board coms with a battery drain signal
  • Comes with a Headless Security System that prevents to lose the Heli at night


  • Causes sudden beeping when headless mode is on
  • Controlling this drone is not easy
  • The included return to home feature doesn’t seem to be 100% effective


For a fun and safe flight, be sure that you are flying your drone in an open place. Also keep all distraction at bay, even your phone. Besides anything else, it is very imperative to focus on your flying skills.

This will give you a chance to enjoy a smooth flight without crashing your drone. If the wind is more than 15 mph, you better not fly your drone.

If you happen to be very close to crash your quadcopter, the smoothest way is to stop the throttle. You can do this by turning right or left. But by stopping the throttle you will have stopped the rotating propellers. In that note, don’t forget to pick one of my best chosen quadcopters.

RC Helicopter Quadcopter Drone
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