Summary of the 5 Best Drones Under 100

Drones are not as almost costly as they were some years ago. When quadcopter first hit consumer market, it was only those that are wealthy can afford them.

Just like every other products, the increase in the demand has reduced the cost of production while consumers are able to save some reasonable amount of cash.

Hence, the price decline. Here are the summary of the 5 best drones under 100 for your view:


DBPower MJX drone is very safe and very easy to fly.

The headless mode is designed for the beginners so as to give up worrying concerning orientation.

It has ability to fly for about 8 to 9 minutes at the control distance of almost 100 meters.


> Came with extra battery in addition to a charger

> Easy to assemble

> Easy to understand

> Easy to fly


> Manual is very tough to follow

2. DROCON Drone For Beginners

DROCON Drone has easy operation mode. The drone offers headless mode and one key return function that make the operation much easier for the beginners. It has in-built HD camera and setting button on the controller.


> Manual documentation is far better than others

> Very durable

> Has two speed settings

> Can easily pair with the software and the controller

> Good for the starters


> Lack altitude hold to shoot better quality photos and videos

> Insufficient stability when flying most especially outdoors on a windy day

> Only work for 5 to 6 minutes before stop.

3.Holy Stone U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera


> Great quality

> Good for the beginners

> Has a return home function that brings it back to the controller if it gets lost

> It is packaged with bunch of safety features

> It has a pretty long life battery

> The pictures are great quality which is super clear

> Built with LED lights for the dark


> Need few minutes to cool down between battery swap

4.GordVE RC Drone Foldable Flight Path

What an awesome drone. It is very fast and literally suits in one hand. It is small in size and the 4 propellers spin very fast.

It has great balance with nice hovering mode. It is handy in its package.

It is a great drone for anyone that is in search for how to learn how to fly drones.


> Good for the beginners

> Great quality

> Easy to assemble

> It contains all you need to know about drone or helicopter

> Great for your money

> Great customer support

> All age fun

> Wi-Fi is easy to connect


> A bit of a learning curve when it has not yet flown by

5. Drone with Camera and Live Video

This drone is equipped with all fundamental functions to assist you control it better.

For instance, one key take off and landing, one key return, headless mode, altitude hold mode, emergency landing, gravity sensor mode and track control.

Our Top Pick

Holy Stone U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera 2.4 GHz 6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter for Kids with Headless Mode, One Key Return and Low Voltage Alarm, Easy & Safe to Fly, Includes Bonus Battery
398 Reviews
Holy Stone U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera 2.4 GHz 6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter for Kids with Headless Mode, One Key Return and Low Voltage Alarm, Easy & Safe to Fly, Includes Bonus Battery
  • HD Camera: Capture pristine HD aerial footage and photos - 720p HD / 30 fps.
  • Headless Mode: Makes easier flight and better control, no need to worry about drone's direction when flying.
  • 6 Axis Gyro Stability: The multi-axis gyro offers extra stability for easy handling and 360° flips.
  • Easy Safe and Fun to Fly: The headless mode, low voltage alarm and 360° flips function ensur safe and fun flight, no worry about the quad copter fly away.
  • Bonus Battery : 2PCS LiPo batteries to double your flying time; more interesting when you are flying outdoor. (Need more batteries? Check the Special Offers and Product Promotions below)


  • What are drones?
    A drone is simply an unmanned aerial vehicle. The most common drones are quadcopters, which means they have four propellers. Drones are usually controlled by a radio transmitter (eg an RC car), but recently they can also be controlled with a mobile device via WiFi.

  • Are cheap drones good?
    Absolute! Once upon a time, every drone worth it would cost at least $ 1,000, but that’s not the case anymore. The drone market has exploded in recent years with many excellent options in all price ranges. So we had to reduce this list to the first six!
  • How long should I charge the batteries?
    It really depends on the specific drone company. There is no set time because each drone does not need the same batteries. It can be said that the charging time can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

  • What is the flight time?
    The time a drone stays in the air is called flying time.

  • What is the average flight time of each drone below 100?
    Most drones can stay in the air for an average of 10 minutes.

  • Can I fly my drone continuously without a break?
    You can, but you should not. After each flight, a minimum rest time of 10 to 15 minutes should be respected. While the drone parts warm up. It takes a while to cool it down.

  • How far can a drone fly on average?
    Most drones can fly up to 100-150 meters. There are some advanced people who can cover more than one kilometer.

  • What is the 6-axis gyroscope doing in a drone?
    The 6-axis rotation helps the drone to move smoothly. It makes moving a drone much easier for people.

  • What does the home button do?
    Sometimes the drones disappear from our eyes. If we can not see the drone, how can we control it and fly back to our house? For this reason, many drones now have the button at home. 
    When you press this button, the drone automatically returns to your home. You do not have to do anything anymore.

  • What is the purpose of the headless function?
    The headless feature is an incredible thing. When we activate this, we do not have to worry about the front of the drone to control it. The address of the sender is the address of the drone. If you move the accelerator pedal to the left, the drone will go to the left. If you move the accelerator to the right, the drone will go to the right.

  • What should I check in to a drone if I want to fly at night?
    You should check if the drone has an LED light function or not. You will also need an LCD monitor to watch closely in the dark.

  • Can I get a professional drone for $ 100?
    Not really. The drones in this article are the best for beginners and amateurs who are interested in using drones mainly for recreational purposes. If you are looking for something that you can use for professional photography

Thank you for reading our definitive guide to the best drones under $ 100. Whether you are ready to take your photo to the next level or just looking for a great toy, we hope we’ve helped you find the right quadcopter. If you have questions or have a big drone that we missed, leave a comment!


In conclusion, gone are the days when the best drones under 100 were a scarce commodity.

These days, one can easily buy them without breaking the bank and are available in both online and offline.

Best Drones Under 100
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