Best FPV Camera

One of the first questions that many pilots come to the hobby: “Why do many Drone or rc helicopter carry two cameras?” They, of course, refer to the fact that most professionals use the HD action camera along with their FPV camera (FPV: First Person View). The embarrassment, I suspect, is due to the presence of […]

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5 Best RC Transmitter Review 2017

If you have developed a hobby of playing with RC toys, buying the best RC transmitter is important. It is, in fact, the best investment you can make to make your hobby more interesting. These toys are controlled by small portable devices that send a frequency signal to the receiver of the toy. 5 Best RC […]

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Top 5 Best LiPo Charger Review 2017

Whether you’re running an RC helicopter or a drone, chances are you’ll need a LiPo charger to keep things running. There is a real collapse of new technology available in the area, and among all the tricks, promises and other things, it can be difficult to cut through the fat to get to the meat […]

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