Top 5 Best RC Helicopter 2016 Review & Buyer Guide

best rc helicopter

Best RC Helicopter Guide and Review

Adults and children alike can share same hobbies. Flying the Best RC helicopter is one of the top list activities that are undertaken for a recreational purpose. In fact, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or at an advanced level, the remote control helicopter will serve you with the ideal outdoor fun and excitement. Without a doubt, that’s all we need after a long day at work.

However, there is a broad range of remote control  helicopters available in the market, by reviewing all customer reviews, features, efficiency and price I got the top five best RC helicopters for you.

The review will help you to select the finest one depending on your demand and budget.

Finest Selection of 5 Best RC Helicopters Ratings and Features at a Glance

Once you get overwhelmed in best RC helicopters, the first question you tend to ask yourself is how and where to find the remote control helicopter.

Do I need an indoor or an outdoor RC helicopter? And how about the features and remote helicopters ratings? The lists of the questions are endless and sometimes clueless if you don’t have any information and an in-depth research.

Below is a comprehensive guide, rating, and features of the best RC aircraft.



Product Dimensions

Item Weight


Customer Reviews


MJX F645 F45

28.5 x 11.7 x 8.1 inches

3.7 pounds

14 years

4.0 out of 5 stars



8.7 x 2.1 x 3.2 inches

1.6 pounds

14 years

4.0 out of 5 stars



4 x 2 x 8 inches

9.6 ounces

14 years and up

4.3 out of 5 stars



Haktoys HAK448

15 x 8.8 x 7.1 inches

12.8 ounces

14 years and up

3.8 out of 5 stars


WLtoys V912

19.8 x 10 x 5.5 inches

3.1 pounds

7 years and up

3.9 out of 5 stars


RC Helicopter Parts & Accessories

rc helicopter infographic

1. MJX F645 F45: The Finest Remote Control Aircraft

343 Amazon Customer Reviews

MJX F645 F45: The Finest Remote Control Aircraft-best rc helicopter 01

As previously mentioned, finding the ideal remote helicopter can be exhaustive. That said MJX F645 F45 Rc helicopter defines quality and perfection at its best.

As observed, “The larger the size, the better it is”.

It’s stable and easy to control, yet a powerful and an instant entertainment grader.

The four channel remote control helicopter provides more stability, thanks to the 2.4GHz frequency which makes sure that MJXF645 F45 is flexible all day long. Due to its manufactured quality, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor flights.

It is also a perfect selection for novice pilots since the best remote control helicopter creates various power option and percentage selection mode. However, you have to be very careful with indoor flying


  • 4 Channel remote control helicopter
  • 4 transmitter frequency
  • 1 inch in length

2. HERO RC H911: Best indoor RC helicopter

302 Amazon Customer Reviews

HERO RC H911: Best indoor RC helicopter-best rc helicopter 02

This medium sized Hero RC H911 is ideally designed for indoor flying adventure. This lightweight and compact helicopter can be set in two different models due to its sharp point and skillful moves.

The four channel motor and 2.4GHz LCD controller provide fine tuning while flying and landing capabilities.

Prepare yourself to enjoy the 8 minutes uninterrupted flight, thanks to the Li-poly batteries.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry when crushing the HERO copters, since the high-quality binding and a well-built material is guaranteed for durability.

The USB and regular socket charging ability assures that you can charge it either way. In case the stock parts are destroyed, the HERO H911 comes with additional extra parts.

Thus; a balance bar, USB, tail blade, connect bar, main blade, and extra battery as well.


  • 4 Channel remote control RC helicopter
  • LCD Transmitter frequency
  • 7V 130 MAH batteries
  • Servo Cyclic control


13 Amazon Customer Reviews

BLADE NANO CP-S BNF BLH2480-best rc helicopter 03 “BLADE” is defined as a comprehensive and a collective pitch rotor metal runner that facilitates both the fast flight and aerobatic flight.

Also, the copter’s fin has a vivid color system to increase more intense.

If you have not yet tried the BLADE NANO RC HELICOPTER, then it should be in your purchase list very soon.

It is an incredible and RC helicopter for your aerobatic experience. It is eligible for Trying and practicing the perfect 3D maneuvers.

Fully assembled with lightweight air flame which is essential and durable, unlike other models.

Another great option that makes the blade as the best RC helicopter is the flight mode versatility and panic recovery mode that instantly recovers the copter on a higher latitude.


  • 3D learning experience flight
  • Panic recovery mode
  • Ultra light for longevity
  • Installed with high-speed motor and direct drive tail motor.
  • 150mAh IS 45C Li-Po battery
  • USB charger

4. Haktoys HAK448

106 Amazon Customer Reviews

Haktoys HAK303 Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter, Easy & Ready to Fly, with Gyroscope - Colors May VaryHaktoys HAK448 is one of the top list best RC helicopters. It comes loaded with unimaginable features such as 90-minute optimum charge, recyclable materials, vivid LED lights and not forgetting the everlasting Tate of assembly.

The remote control aircraft is best known for incredible stability, and the most favorite thing is that it is generally made to withstand 5mph breeze. Of course, it’s great for a beginner and spare part package is available too.

It is highly flamed with the fabulous system thus ensuring 100% stability even when flying the copter on a forward straight channel.

Pairing with 7 to 10 minutes flight time and the detailed fly bar was a genius idea for Haktoys’ designers.


  • 7V 700Mah Rechargeable Li-Po battery
  • 4 channel RC copter
  • 60 degreed Directional movements
  • Detailed flybar and elastic blades
  • 9 Main Rotor Diameter

5. WLtoys Large V912 4CH

400 Amazon Customer Reviews

WLtoys Large V912 4CH-best rc helicopter 05

WLtoys is widely known for their powerful features. One of their renowned features is the Gyro RTF, which offers copters stability even when you’re flying it forward.

If you are a beginner, be ready to have fun and enjoy this RC helicopter. Remember to be gentle as you learn the tricks and tip of this RC helicopter.

The V912 4CH displays are amazing and unique specs according to the customer reviews.

It goes without saying; that it’s one of my favorite single blade cheap RC helicopter.3D action features keeps track of your visibility and stability, especially when flying outdoors.


  • 3D action and side flying up, forward, down, backward, turn right; turn left, left fly and right fly
  • 4 GHz
  • Have four channels
  • 150m flying time and 8-minute charging time
  • Provide ample stability

Details Overview of the Top Five Best RC Helicopter in the Market

1. MJX F645 F45: The Best and Fun, Large Single Blade Remote Control Helicopter

MJX F645 F45: The Best and Fun, Large Single Blade Remote Control Helicopter-best rc helicopter 06
MJX F645 F45: The Best and Fun, Large Single Blade Remote Control Helicopter-best rc helicopter 07
MJX F645 F45: The Best and Fun, Large Single Blade Remote Control Helicopter-best rc helicopter 08

Flying and maneuvering your RC helicopter is no fun when you have an intermediate Heli with you. When it comes to having fun with best RC helicopter for kids and adults, I trust MJX Large RC.This 4” LCD Heli is worthwhile.

Awesome Heli! A must buy over the cheap copters! You will be amazed and surprised by its speed and agility too.

Number of Channels

The average number of channels can tell you lots of information about the type of RC Copter. This is a four channel Heli hence considered as a hobby-grade Copter. That is why it is recommended for advanced pilots.

The screws and moving parts will definitely grasp your attention.

Summary: The more channel, the more experienced you need to control the Helicopter.

Is it an Indoor or an outdoor Heli?

I’d prefer best outdoor RC helicopter, but experts pilots agree that most crashes happen due to lack of competence. That said this large single blade RC helicopter is recommended for outdoor flying.

The main reason is that it is quite difficult to control it in an enclosed place due to its high frequency.

Summary: Always use indoor RC helicopter for indoors and outdoors for outdoors.

Stability Control

Stability aids are more advantageous for a complete fun and newbie experience to this hobby. Is MJX heli stable? Just in case you have forgotten, note that any type of helicopter tends not to be stable by nature.

As per your physics classes, an RC helicopter behaves in an equal and opposite reaction. This large single blade RC helicopter provides you with sufficient stability control when flying.

Summary: The most important thing to consider is how stable an RC Heli is.


This is typically the simplest thing to do. I mean you can’t purchase an RC without knowing the recommended age.

That said this 4 Inch RC helicopter is recommended for 12 years of age and above.

Summary: Always check the age before purchasing an RC helicopter.


Advantages of MJXF645 F45

  • It’s worthwhile: If you are a videographer, then this device will serve you better for shooting Arial videos.
  • Can withstand several crashes: As stated earlier, “The bigger it is, “the better it will be.” The last thing you want is to panic while flying which is the hardest level and one of the beginner’s challenges.
  • Affordable price: For only $100 to $115, you can get this unique helicopter. Even if it crashes severally, you wouldn’t be in anxiety for crushing over $500 to $600 investment.
  • Spare parts availability: An RC Helicopter without spare parts is like a bicycle with an unbalanced wheel. Of course, MJF64 F45 has a wide array of spare parts in various markets such as eBay and Amazon.


  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to fly the RC aircraft due to transmitter input failure.
  • The main motor becomes scalding. If you experience this for the first time, you should seek advice to the dealers.
  • Note that you need adequate space while flying this Heli. It can get out of control in an instant.


In addition to the basics, this 4 inch RC helicopter is an excellent flying device.

However, be careful at first since it can be difficult for you to control. Before anything else you should learn to control the aircraft.

If you are purchasing it for your little ones, always be there with them when flying this gadget till they grasp the movement.

2. HERO RC H911: 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel Best RC Helicopter

HERO RC H911: 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 09
HERO RC H911: 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 10
HERO RC H911: 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 11

This is a more improved and digitalized special edition of HERO RC H911 Helicopter series. Replacing materials and maintenance is compared to that of MJX654 F45 RC helicopter.

It has proven to be the best flying device in both indoor and outdoor. It can tolerate some serious crashes, thus making it perfect for beginners. Here are the reasons why you should have this top rated RC helicopter:


HERO RC H911 is typically one of my favorite brands. In fact you can trust this model with your eyes closed. Designed and secured with high level of stability is what makes this RC copter to move freely when flying indoors.

The attached tail rotor blade is precisely used to control the general balance. It will spin as fast as required hence maintaining the RC helicopter straight.

Summary: Stability is an imperative factor when selecting an RC helicopter. The more stability, the easier to fly the helicopter.

Is it a Ready to Fly (RTF) or a Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) Helicopter?

Some models are RTF while others are ARF. With that in mind, this helicopter for kids is a Ready to fly aircraft. It is ready to fly out of the box.RTF is the cheapest RC helicopter since it doesn’t need any assembly to fly.

Summary: RTF are best for beginners while ARF require more experienced pilots.

Learning or experienced mode? Which one suits you best?

This is one of those things that beginners find to be completely new to them.

A dual mode setting! The main reason why HERO RC is more valuable is because of the dual mode capability. This is defined as the next learning curve for a beginner. The dual operating mode allows you to select between two different mode scenarios.

In other words, you can set this aircraft to respond gently. Once you are familiar with it, you can switch to other responsive or advanced mode.

Summary: If you are flying indoors, it is easier to set the copter to a gentle mode setting. Once you get outdoors, you can set to a more advanced setting.

The LCD Transmitter

The Hero RC H911 LCD will notify you about the battery life, trim indicator, throttle output level and the signal strength of the Heli transmitter.

This is another awesome reason to pick the H911 as your next step in learning RC helicopters experience.

Well-suit Binding

The binding process acts as both the receiving and transmitting unit in helicopter.

This is a very crucial step even before flying your RC device. The steps allows you to place the aircraft at leveled surface, then turn it on so that the system and the gyro can take the position of the copter as the main set point.H911 is categorized as a true winner in this scenario. For a complete success the LED will blink.

Summary: You may be having doubts why it is important to bind the transmitter and receiver. This is because you can fly the HERO RC 911 with other transmitters.

Thus if you have lots of this types of Heli’, you can purchase a master radio control then bind each one of your aircraft with the radio as well.

The Servo Cyclic Control

The cyclic control is the main RC pilot thus directing which way the helicopter moves. The best thing is that you can literally move the single main rotor blade one or another direction with servo cyclic control.

Summary: It may sound as complicated as it looks, but HERO RC 911 makes it workable. For now, just enjoy you new Hero RC but with time you will be able to see how the servo cyclic control works.

Customer Reviews

Besides of what I have said, I also like to include other people’s opinion about this device. It is my only view to prove that I recommend the best RC helicopter out there. Find some of the Amazon comments:

A consumer purchased the product at Amazon 23 days ago and he gave it a five star. Why? As he stated; “I have had lots of fun with this little flyer. Not recommended for strong wind, but overall it’s great to fly”.

Posted one month ago at Amazon “Awesome and steady Heli, easier to fly indoors and outdoors too.”

Any complaints so far?                                                         

After reading and researching a lot over the internet, these Heli devices are not perfect. Sometimes, you might find a minor complaint from the reviews.

Most of the complaints are mostly about not being able to control the Heli as they had thought of it. Always remember to try first at “gentle mode” before crossing to the advanced level.


BLADE NANO CP S BNF BLH2480-best rc helicopter 12
BLADE NANO CP S BNF BLH2480-best rc helicopter 13
BLADE NANO CP S BNF BLH2480-best rc helicopter 14

The blade Nano RC helicopter offers major details that are profound to start an in-depth search in regards to these aircrafts. Helping you to get better taste of what remote control Heli is all about is one of my favorite part.

I would like to invite you to explore this aerobatic Heli and discover why it is recommended for you.

It is called a SAFE Technology for a Reason

The advantage of having the Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology is that it makes it easier for you to fly this RC helicopter.

This protection system provides you with ample flip to switch selection. You will be assured of paramount protection when flying at a higher latitude.

Summary: SAFE technology helps you to learn new flying techniques, thus building your skills more quickly.

The Blade CP is User Friendly

This lightweight and best RC helicopter is typically a user friendly Heli. Why? This is because it has embraced the unique 3D performance and flybarless technology.

Setting aside the scientific aircraft names, I simply mean that the flybarless system increases the level of stabilization to the Blades’ rotor hence managing the cyclic stability.

Summary: 3D performance and Flybarless system helps you in trying the most advanced level such as inverted flights and flips.


It uses three flight mode to increase stability

The three mode systems were carefully thought when designing the Blade CP model.

The stability mode ensures you have safe flight and landing. Agility mode provides with ample control authorization with less bank angle limit.

While the 3D mode is always ready to turn up the flip and roll with a high level of 3D capability.

The overall look for the Blade CP-S BNF BLH2480

One of the paramount things that I really enjoy about the best RC Heli is their designs. For me to purchase one it has to look really great or I won’t feel a pinch of the money.

With this aircraft, I don’t have doubt that it was engineered to be compatible with a malfunction 6+ channel transmitter.

By using this, you will get lots of programming functions such as throttle curves and expo for clear pictures, large LCD, adjustable stick length and much more.

Summary: Note that it also has the aerobatic flight thus helping you to maneuver and perform the rolls and loops. Fast flight is also included. Also, the flight mode in DX6i tends to switch in a two-mode but not three.

The three position modes are designed to set to programming time.


The Blade Nano CP-S Heli has a list price of 140 USD, and after evaluating several merchants and vendors the very best seller is Amazon who is consistently selling this device under 100.00 USD plus free shipping.

Amazon offers a great deal and best customer relation, and that is something unique that I could not find with other merchants.

Review from current Blade Nano Owners

One of the helpful reviews here is from an intermediate pilot, learn from his experience and find out why this aerobatic flight is recommended:

I love this flying bird”

This is my second helicopter. The Blade Nano is quite useful in terms of performance than the one I had purchased earlier. The collective pitch allowed me to fly it even in an outdoor breeze and open windows as well.

I am using a Dx6i, which I have set up first in a novice mode. Thus, it will be much easier for me to switch to intermediate mode.

Are there any complaints?

In the spirit of transparency, I like to research more about the given downfall of an RC device. Through different reviews, I have managed to get two to three customer saying about the Heli being difficult to control the 3D aerobics.

However, one thing that I should consider being a temporary fault here is not able to maneuver your aircraft. If you are a beginner, take time to practice, and you will enjoy the benefits.

4. Haktoys HAK448 4 Channel 15” RC Helicopter

 Haktoys HAK448 4 Channel 15” RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 15
 Haktoys HAK448 4 Channel 15” RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 16
 Haktoys HAK448 4 Channel 15” RC Helicopter-best rc helicopter 17

I have been doing an in-depth research lately about the best RC helicopters. I believe Haktoys helis’ are the cheapest toys but also provide a great design and device to help you start with RC Heli.

Sometimes this hobby can be difficult to learn. That is why I have chosen to talk about the Haktoys brand; the HAK448 Channel 15”.Overally, it is designed with favorite apache and here you will learn everything you want to know about this remarkable aircraft.


The top list crucial thing of every product that you like to purchase is quality. The overall quality is based on the material used for construction, design, touches and the surface finishing too.

Also, the quality of the product is perceived in regards to its performance for the intended activity.

The last thing you want to do with your hard earn money is to purchase an inferior quality, cheapest helicopter and finally ending it to the trash can.

This is the main reason why consumer must make their final decision when it comes to the built to last Heli.

Getting a high-quality device will only save you lots of damages crashes in your learning curve. Further, spare parts play an important role when choosing the quality of your device.

Before purchasing your Haktoys, investigate and see that spare parts are available since you will need them instead of waiting for them, thus after breaking your Heli.

Summary: The main reason why I love the Haktoys HAK488 is that of its great quality.

It is made with flexible materials to withstand more crashes.

It can also withstand strong breeze, and you will get at Amazon at a much-discounted price.

What’s your aim with the Haktoys HAK488 4 Channel 15” RC Helicopter?

The most imperative thing that you have to decide before purchasing you best RC helicopter is your aim or intention with it.

If you are planning to have an outdoor flying, then you need to consider a strong copter such as this since it’s also able to handle light breeze. Consequently, it can be used as an indoor flight but be careful if it’s your first experience.

Any complaints with this Aircraft?

There are only few and minor cases about this Haktoys aircraft. Some consumers say they got the device but it was impossible for it to fly at first time when they opened the box.

In such cases, if you had purchased the product through Amazon, then you will be guaranteed for a full refund. However, if your copter doesn’t work for about a month or so, please change the battery since it also needs a little maintenance once in awhile.

5. WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro RTF

WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro RTF-best rc helicopter 18
WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro RTF-best rc helicopter 19
WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro RTF-best rc helicopter 20

I will probably assume that you either want to become an experienced pilot or the proud owner of the best RC helicopter. The best and fun moment for every pilot is to learn the basic tricks of flying and crashing with aerobatics skills.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert aircraft pilot with WLtoys single blade RC. The only secret you need while flying is to tune the Heli from the box by just leveling your swash plate by eye, and you will be ready to fly with no time.

Why WLtoys is the best remote control helicopter brand

As stated earlier, WLtoys is an amazing brand. They are widely known for providing the top list RC aviation devices. Their reputation will tell you that you are bound to get a premium product that will last for years.

Summary: At a glance the WLtoys Single Blade RC helicopter might look like an easy-control RC, but don’t let that great size aviatation gadget fool you. It has more power than you imagine.

Test-Flown and Ready to Fly

When moving to a new RC helicopter level, it is best to purchase another aircraft for satisfactory results. This single rotor Heli is more powerful hence making sure you have amazing flight experience.

Moreover, it is a fully assembled device and 100% tested before shipping to ensure everything is okay as advertised.

Summary: The major reason why people love blade brand is because they always go the extra mile and providing top quality device is their motive.

The Single Rotor Blade Remote Control Aircraft

Once you get to master the skills of using a coaxial RC aircraft, probably the obvious next level is trying a single rotor blade Heli. REASON: It’s much more fun! It can be difficult at first if you are a beginner pilot or if you don’t have any RC experience.

This happens because of the level of stability which is defined as the most imperative aspect of your flight experience.

The WLtoys has a gyro system. It helps you as a pilot to keep the RC in one direction, you will be able to control and it through the aircraft transmitter. This is the case of the WLtoys Large V912 RC.If you are planning to purchase an RC with GYRO System; the WLtoys is a fabulous choice.

Summary: Sometimes it’s difficult to spin the one since blade RC in one direction that is why more than one blade is needed so as to have a stable flight.

The Advantages

  • It is a 3D action flight which provides enough agility and stability.
  • Even if the charger plug shows it’s compatible with Europe style, worry less since the Heli comes with a US charger plug.
  • The tail rotor primarily provides enough magnetic induction
  • Due to its larger size, the WLtoys ensures you have long battery life.
  • Withstands outdoor breeze
  • Comes with an LCD screen for adjustment and viewing capabilities
  • Has a well-built transmitter
  • It is also a very responsive flight


  • Sometimes the Heli might require tuning for stable flying
  • It can also get more active when the battery is about to die
  • Great Heli but takes a while to charge fully
  • The Heli tends to drop from the sky when the eight-minute charge is complete

Overall Experience with WLtoys V912

Sometimes, taking the customers views can lead you not to purchase your favorite product. In that case, if you happen to get a defective aircraft from blade prepare to call them in advance and share your RC problem.

Most of the reviews that I had previously read (thanks for that) are about the broken helis.

I would like to explain in detail that not all RC aircrafts are similar; some are different due to features and the expert level.

With that in mind, a good name and a high-quality brand should always make sure that all remote control parts are correctly assembled for consumers. This is the real definition of WLtoys.

Final Verdict

Much has been said, but I can’t close this chapter without explaining crucial and important factors that you need to know about best RC helicopter.

As previously mentioned, you need to purchase your devices from Amazon where you will be guaranteed with free shipping and a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Also, the remote control helis need battery replacement once in a while. It might not function as desired just because of poor battery maintenance. Consider replacing the battery after twenty to thirty charges.

The Gyro misunderstanding

The main gyro function in a Heli is to sense the movement of an RC tail and to command the rudder servo to compensate for it.

Gyro is important for your aircraft, not because of the wind, but compensating for the sudden and heavy loads on the main rotor.

When your helicopter seems to fly out of control, just try to turn the gyro upside down which helps it to move forward instead of backward.

Comparison Table of the Top Five Best RC Helicopter in the Market



Product Dimensions

Item Weight


Customer Reviews


MJX F645 F45

28.5 x 11.7 x 8.1 inches

3.7 pounds

14 years

4.0 out of 5 stars



8.7 x 2.1 x 3.2 inches

1.6 pounds

14 years

4.0 out of 5 stars



4 x 2 x 8 inches

9.6 ounces

14 years and up

4.3 out of 5 stars



Haktoys HAK448

15 x 8.8 x 7.1 inches

12.8 ounces

14 years and up

3.8 out of 5 stars


WLtoys V912

19.8 x 10 x 5.5 inches

3.1 pounds

7 years and up

3.9 out of 5 stars


As I have briefly mentioned, you need to grasp important features and specification of the best RC helicopter. The process will help you to have more experience and get more information in the world of RC aviation devices.

Our Recommendation

Our Recommendation is Number 3. BLADE NANO CP-S BNF BLH2480, It's Cheap price, good customer reviews. If you have not yet tried the BLADE NANO RC HELICOPTER, then it should be in your purchase list very soon. It is an incredible and best RC helicopter for your aerobatic experience.

Awesome skill Video with an RC Helicopter

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